Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lunch With The Girls

I got an email from Sherri, whom I use to work with, couple of weeks ago about getting together for lunch.

So today we met at Mimi's Cafe in Sacramento for lunch. Sherri, Rhonda P. and Alena from my old unit came along with Darlene, our former supervisor and Rhonda D. who is a court clerk. Darlene retired a year ago and Rhonda P. started working at the courthouse after I retired. We met at 1:00 pm and didn't get up to leave until 3:30 pm. We stood outside and talked some more before we finally walked to our cars.

We had a great time yakking and catching up. Of course I failed to take my camera again. There's been a lot of changes going on with a new Presiding Judge the first of the year and on Monday, my old unit gets a new supervisor. They've been without one since Darlene retired.

Three of us had omelets and the other three had sandwiches. It was suggested that maybe we'd get together again in a couple of months.

I sure enjoyed seeing everyone and sure do miss them. I don't miss the job or the commute on Watt Avenue.

It was 4 pm by the time I got home. Gerry had gone on a bike ride and he had just gotten in too. He wanted to go to Roseville to our friends, Pete and Diana. Pete had a shovel and wheelbarrel that belonged to Gerry and he wanted to get it. So after he had a shower, we headed over that way. We stopped and had some dinner then went over to our friends. We ended up staying for a little bit and visited. They hadn't had their dinner yet so I finally got Gerry to leave so they could eat. We finally got home about 8:30 pm. I headed straight for the shower and finally got my PJ's on.

I think I am headed to bed now. I've read my email, checked Facebook, so I'm ready to head down the hall.

Oh, our weather has turned ugly again. Well, we did have a little bit of sun today. It was suppose to rain last night and/or today, however that didn't happen. Rain is expected tomorrow so we'll see if it happens. :))

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