Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch Today with Irene

I met my friend, Irene, for lunch today at Arigato's, a Japanese restaurant in Roseville. Irene and I were classmates at Kaimuki High School in Honolulu. She actually was part of our 9th grade class at Kaimuki Intermediate but we didn't meet and become friends until we started 10th grade at Kaimuki High. She and her husband are retired and live in Del Webb's Sun City in Roseville. We found each other on Classmates web site a few years ago. We contacted each other and were going to get together. Then somehow that didn't work out and we didn't get back in touch until a couple of years ago. I think the last time we got together was sometime last year.

When I found out Gerry was going to be going to Idaho, I emailed her and we made plans to get together. Whenever we do see each other it is usually a two hour lunch. :) There is always so much to catch up on.

Kaimuki's class of 1960 is celebrating their 50th class reunion in April. I didn't graduate from Kaimuki, I graduated from Kailua High. My family moved from Honolulu to Kailua on the windward side of Oahu during the summer before senior year. I started my senior year at Kaimuki, however it was too long of a commute into Honolulu each day so I had to transfer to Kailua High. Irene is going home for the reunion. Kailua High's reunion is the end of March. I hoped to be able to go home for one of them, I really wanted to go to Kaimuki's. I don't think I'm going to be able to do that so Irene said she would take lots of pictures. We are going to get together again before she leaves. So many of the kids in the class of 1960 at Kaimuki were classmates from the 7th grade.

After I left her I went to a store called Home Goods. There is a store in Vacaville which is west of Sacramento on the way to the Bay Area. We have stopped at that particular store when we've been in the Vacaville area. The store in Roseville hasn't been opened too very long. It is a super neat store. I didn't find what I was looking for so I stopped at Marshall's in Citrus Heights and then Ross Stores in Citrus Heights where I found some of what I was looking for and then came home. I left home at 11:00 am and got back about 3:45pm.

It was a nice day, there were some clouds and the sun peaked out some. I didn't need a jacket. Soon as I got home though, the clouds got heavier and it is now raining.

I talked to Gerry earlier and he will be heading home on Thursday. He said it should be good weather, no snow is predicted. Rain is predicted off and on here so there may be snow when they get to California.


  1. Hey, Betty, if you can find out where and when the Kaimuki reunion will be, maybe I can go crash it and take some pictures for you.

  2. Oh, Jalna, that would be so awesome. I'll send that info to you later. Its at a country club and the middle of April.