Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kaimuki High School's 50th Class Reunion

Kaimuki High School's Class of 1960 50th class reunion is being held the middle of April. I really wanted to go home for it. I think I've mentioned that I didn't graduate from Kaimuki although I was there my sophmore year, junior year and the beginning of my senior year. I went to school with a lot of the classmates from junior high years. I graduated from Kailua High School whose reunion is the end of March.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to go to either one.

Anyway, my Hawaii blogger friend Jalna asked me to email her any contact information I had and also when and where the reunion was going to be held. She told me she would "crash" the reunion and take pictures for me. She is a photographer and does excellent work. She also is a 1971 Kaimuki grad. So I emailed her the name with email address of Pearl who is one of the committee members and also Harold who is helping out. She emailed them both last night asking if it would be possible for her to attend the reunion to take pictures for me. A response was sent today from Pearl saying there shouldn't be a problem with Jalna doing that and invited Jalna as her guest.

I am so excited that Jalna will be able to do this for me and can't wait to see the pictures she takes. Jalna and I have never met, I don't remember exactly how I found her blog. Through blogging we have become dear friends and someday I want to go home so I can meet her in person along with her friend and co-worker, Leslie. They are faithful readers of my blog. Jalna and Leslie work together for a group of doctors in Honolulu.

Thank you, Jalna!! You are a very special friend and I appreciate you so very much!!


  1. I'm looking forward to attending your reunion for you!! I'm sure it'll be fun. I wonder if they'll notice that you've started to look more oriental. Hahahaha.