Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Is Coming

Gerry and I went out to do some errands today. As we pulled out of our carport, we both said "oh, look", "when did that happen"? Our tree is blooming. The picture doesn't do it justice, however it is filled with flowers.

When we got home, I went outside to take some pictures. Daffodils are blooming in the yard of the mobile across from us so I took pictures of them too. I love daffodils, they mean spring is coming!!

This particular mobile is for sale for $4,000.00. It is a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The guy that lived here bought a larger mobile in the park. The skirting from the mobile next to this one can be seen in the background. It is also for sale for $30,000.00. It is a small 2 bedroom, 2 bath. A mobile home realty has it listed so that's why the high price. We have no idea what the inside is like, the outside is a wreck. We will be real glad when the residents in this one move. They are a huge problem!!

Since I was outside, I thought I'd take a picture of the back of Gerry's van. He said they washed the back window when they gassed up in Boise. You'd never know that looking at it. LOL!!
Gerry borrowed an infant car seat to use for Pam & Steve's baby. Pam is a cousin of Gerry's kids and she has a 9 month old little girl. They were on the ski trip and the car seat was used picking them up at the Boise airport and then when they left to fly back to California. The seat belongs to Andrew and Michelle Williams so we took it back to them today.
We then drove downtown and stopped at the Buckhorn Grill to eat lunch. We tried to do this one Saturday night a few weeks ago. Their speciality is charbroiled tri tip. We both had a sandwich which was very good.
From there we drove to Oto's Marketplace, I needed to get rice and was just about out of Aloha Shoyu. We got some bento boxes for dinner too.
Our last stop was Trader Joe's so Gerry could get some granola and plain yogurt. This is what he eats for breakfast every morning.
The weather was fantastic today, in the high 60's. We need to enjoy it while we can, I saw in the newspaper this morning that rain is expected on Friday. If it does rain, the flowers on our tree will be gone.
One of the projects I wanted to do while Gerry was gone was to clean out my closet. Well, I did not get to it. Yesterday I decided I'd start on it. It will take me a while to get it all cleaned up and organized again. I tried on a bunch of clothes to see what didn't fit anymore. I have one large trash bag full and am working on a second one. I am sure I will have a few more bags by the time I get done.
I did a little too much yesterday and really paid for it last night. I have a bulging disc at the base of my spine and now have arthritis in the same spot. I have constant pain and last night it was excruciating. I went to bed about 8:30 pm last night after I took some Tylenol and plastered myself with Ben Gay. Of course I was doing laundry too. So that is why I say it will take me a while to finish the closet. I did find some jeans I've been looking for and another robe. A lot of my clothes I've hung on to thinking I'll get into them later and the later never comes so they are going to Goodwill. The shoes and purses are another story. LOL!!
Have you been watching the Olympics? Gerry watched some of it last night and said he got so frustrated because they kept jumping around to different events. I think I saw that Men's Figure Skating is on tonight. We do enjoy the skating events.


  1. I love your daffodils too. So pretty. I meant to clean out my closet last month too. I ended up doing one of the hall cupboards and never even made it to my closet. Looking at all my junk reminds me of the program "Hoarders". I haven't watched too much of the Olympics. My mom just loooves figure skating. I think it's because as a kid she could spend all day long on roller skates.

  2. I watched a little of the Olympics last night then gave up on it. All the commercials drive me crazy!! :))