Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

I didn't post anything last night. I was too tired, watched TV for a change and went to bed earlier than usual. Yesterday morning I woke up about 4:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. Then Gerry's alarm went off at 5:30 am so I decided to get up too.

Gerry was meeting a few guys at Trinity Life to go to San Francisco for a work day at a Rescue Mission in the Tenderloin area. He drove our Voyager van and had 5 passengers. There were 2 other vehicles that went, I think he said a total of 13 people. They spent the day moving sheets of sheetrock into the building that was being remodeled and then formed a chain of guys moving the sheetrock up to the second floor of the building. There were several other churches there too. He got home just before 5 pm.

I had made my salad Friday night for the potluck at our card swap. I was going to make a hot dish too so I got that started while he was getting ready.

It was raining like crazy. I left the house before 9 o'clock. I didn't have to be at my friend's house until 10 am. Because it was raining so hard, I thought I would drive real slow. Then driving down Madison Avenue I had a moment of panic. I noticed a car traveling ahead of me move over to the inside lane from the number 3 lane or right hand lane. I didn't realize why until it was too late. There was a huge puddle of water across the number 3 lane. So I prayed "God, you're the pilot, get me through this". I made sure my foot was on the gas pedal, not the brakes and went through. The van did hesitate for a moment, we made it though. Praise God!! It was dark, it was raining so hard, I just did not see the puddle -- more like a pool. :))

The swap was fun. There were 9 ladies. The cards were all really nice. I need to take pictures of them and get them up on my card blog. Oh, surprise, surprise!! I won 1st price for my 2 cards. I was totally shocked!! I got 2 Martha Stewart punches and a tube of flowers. And I don't have the 2 punches so that was extra special. Think what you want about Martha Stewart, I love her crafting products. I'll take pictures of those too.

Well, it is 8 o'clock so I better go start getting ready for church. Have a blessed Sunday and I will be back later.