Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I went to worship service this morning with Gerry at Trinity Life Center which is a couple of blocks from our house. Since we left Roseville Nazarene Church, Gerry has been attending services at Trinity. I've gone with him to a few special events. This was the first Sunday I've been to a worship service. They run about 800 or so on Sunday mornings. The service was good. Rev. Glen Cole use to pastor Capital Christian Center in Rancho Cordova. He retired some years ago and one of his son's now pastors Capital Christian. A couple of years ago the congregation at Trinity called him to pastor. They were without a pastor and the numbers were way down. They have grown tremendously under Rev. Cole's ministry.

After church we went to the Outback Steak House in Roseville for lunch. Gerry had received a gift card some time ago and we hadn't used it. We got there right after they opened. It was a little funny, a large group from Trinity Life Center were there to have lunch too.

Anyway, I had rack of lamb with a loaded baked potato and salad. Gerry had chicken that was wrapped in bacon and cheese melted on top, garlic mashed potatoes and a salad. I brought some of my lamb home to finish later. Then for dessert we shared a chocolate brownie dessert that came with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped creme and chocolate shavings on top. It was yummy, in fact every thing was really good.

There is a concert at Trinity tonight at 6pm and we're going to go to it. The Blackwood Brothers are performing. They are a Southern Gospel group that has been around for a lot of years. I remember hearing about them as a little girl. The original group were actually brothers that sang together. They have all died so don't know who makes up the group now. Anyway, it should be good.

Probably will watch more of the Olympics when we get home later.

Gerry just told me there's a PGR mission tomorrow. It has been a while since he has been on a mission. They'll be welcoming home a KIA serviceman.

Happy Valentine's Day to all who read my blog!!


  1. What a nice Valentine's Day you had!! That dessert sounds to die for. I think me and Wendell are going out to dinner tonight. If he asks, I think I'll suggest filipino food. I'm so low maintenance yeah!

  2. Yeah, me too. If it wasn't for the gift card, we wouldn't have gone to the Outback. Too expensive. Well, I hope you were able to have filipino food. :))