Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gerry's Home

Gerry got home at 6:30pm tonight. He and Jason left Bogus Basin in Idaho at 7:25am (Mountain time). They stopped in Winnemuca, NV to eat and get gas, at Cabela's in Burney, NV (this is a sporting goods store), in Auburn, CA to drop off snowboards that belonged to Jason's cousin and her husband. It was 6pm when they got to Jason's house. So considering all the stops they made, they made very good time getting home.

I fixed sweet and sour spare ribs for dinner and thankfully I had everything ready. We just had to wait a few minutes for the vegetables to be done. He unloaded all his gear and most of it is laying in the dining room.

He said he had a good time with his three sons, 1 daughter, 3 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. The girlfriends of the three grandsons were there for part of the time. The oldest of the 3 grandsons and his girlfriend are getting married in June of this year. Also one of the cousins of Gerry's kids was there with her husband and baby. He did some skiing and snowshoeing. One of the things they all like to do is tubing. Gerry went to watch and take pictures. He enjoys people watching.

They had some rain and snow driving through Oregon. The snow wasn't sticking, as soon as it hit the windshield, it was water. Then they had some rain coming over Donner Summit.

He took a lot of pictures and posted them on Facebook. I tried to copy them over to my pictures on my computer so I could post some on my blog. Unfortunately, when I opened them up in my pictures they were all blurry. I asked him to email them to me or put them on a flash drive so I can upload them. Whenever he does that, I will post them.

I'm glad he is home, I can sleep tonight without worrying about being by myself. :))


  1. It's still so amazing to me that you can cut through so many states in so little time! Glad Gerry's back home with you.

  2. Thought he'd want to spend the day together. He started talking about going for a ride. Decided he should go otherwise I'd be listening to him whine all day long!! I guess skiing for a week wasn't enough!!