Monday, February 8, 2010

Ethelwynne Alo Chung-Hoon Rycroft Rogers - 1926 to 2010

I lost a sister today, Ethelwynne Alo Chung-Hoon Rycroft Rogers, who was born on December 5, 1926. She lived in Simi Valley, CA which is in Southern California. She is survived by 5 children, Tom, Patty Jean, Bob, Bill and Sandee; numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and extended family. Also 2 sisters Marie and Viola and a brother Paul. She was affectionally called "Eke".

Eke was my father's youngest daughter from his first marriage. There were 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls. There are also 6 children from my father's marriage to my mother, 2 boys and 4 girls. I am my father's 9th child, the 6th daughter. Of my family, she is survived by my brothers Eddie and Sam, my sisters Nani, Ernie and Naomi, nieces and nephews.

I got a message on Facebook from my nephew Tom earlier this evening telling me his mother had passed away about 5pm California time. Tom lives in Washington, DC. She was surrounded by family and had spoken with Tom and her sisters Marie and Vi in the last couple of days.

She had breast cancer several years ago and had a mastectomy. She underwent chemo treatments and was cancer free. Then 2 years ago the cancer came back. It was a strange strain, when she had chemo treatments the cancer went away and would stay away for a time then it would appear again. Last fall she fell and broke an ankle. The chemo treatments had to be stopped so she could heal. The cancer came back and spread and affected her liver. I also heard from another niece and she told me she spoke with Eke's youngest daughter Sandee this morning. Sandee and her daughter Nalani were laying in the bed with Eke. Eke lived with Sandee. Eke's oldest daughter, Patty had flown up to California for the weekend to be with her mom. Patty lives in Hawaii on the island of Maui.

A Celebration of Life is planned for sometime next month.

Regretably, I have not been close to most of my family and had not been in touch with Eke for several years. I feel bad about that, however am comforted in the fact that she had a very close knit family and a lot of them were with her in her last days. I am also comforted in knowing she is no longer in pain. I don't know where she was spiritually; I don't know if any of her family were believers, however, I am praying that somehow in their grief and pain, they will come to know that God's love and comfort surrounds them during this time.

I called Gerry in Idaho to read the message from my nephew. I was doing ok until about an hour or so ago, the tears came then and my husband is not here. I have the assurance that God's love and comfort surrounds me and so I know I will be alright.


  1. So sorry to hear of your loss Betty, condolences to you and your family.

  2. Aloha Auntie. This is Nalani, your sister's eldest Grand Daughter. Thank you for sharing this post. She was a magnificent woman. I want to share with you a note that I had sent to her Granchildren and My Uncle Tommy whom could not be at her side as she left us to sit with God......this is for you too:

    "The calls are not easy to make....yet I want to share this with you, in hopes that it may bring some peace to your hearts to know that our beautiful Grandmother passed with such peace, grace and dignity.....with ALL of our Love and Admiration for the wonderful woman that we knew her to be. Although your physical being was not present, all of your souls and spirits did flow thru all of us that were with her and your presence was felt. All of the pictures that you sent for her 83rd Birthday were placed on the ceiling just above her bed by her devoted daughter, my Mother....your Sister...and your Auntie....Sandee. Our Gammie saw them, they made her smile and she would say out loud, "That's all of my family".

    Our Grandmother battled and fought Cancer for Nine Years. For the last six months she was loved and cared for by many wonderful people and especially by her son, my Uncle Bobby and her daughter, my Mother. With their care and her tremendous strength she did not suffer and she remained peaceful in a slumber until she softly took her last breath. She was held by her Daughter and surrounded by the people that she loved and that equally loved her.

    Although the weight of the hurt is heavy on our hearts will be lifted....being pulled by the strengths of our Beautiful, Ethelwynne Alo Rogers....our Gammie....our Angel.

    I Love You,

  3. Hello, Sweet Nalani, Thank you so much for sending your letter to me. It is absolutely beautiful!! Regretably, I did not stay in touch with my sister or any of you, however I have thought of her often. I am so glad that you all were with her. She was a special lady, I have many fond memories of she and my older sisters when my sisters and brothers were little kids. I remember being at Stephanie's memorial service and then later at Stephanie's friends house. Eke (your Gammie)kept making sure I was doing ok. That meant so much to me, still taking care of me just like when I was a little kid. I've wanted to call your mom and will in the next few days. Hold on to all the precious memories of your Gammie. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!!

    Much love,
    Auntie Betty