Friday, June 11, 2010

The Water Heater Died

I got a huge surprise last night when I went to take my shower. There was no HOT WATER. Gerry went outside to check and discovered water on the ground. The pilot light was off and he tried to light it, however couldn't. Thankfully the water heater is outside and not inside the mobile. That would have been a bigger nightmare.

So I took what my mother use to refer to as a "portagee bath". The water is now turned off and Gerry has gone to get a new water heater. I didn't know a person had to "take out a bank loan" to purchase a new one. They are quite expensive.

I managed to find a gallon of bottled water out on the screened porch so I could at least wash my hands after having my breakfast and reading the paper. I'm afraid it is going to be a very loooooong day! :)

It is also a very windy day with winds from the north. Also a high pressure is building up and the temperatures will climb into the 90's for the weekend. The weather service says the winds will die down by tonight.

Since I can't go anywhere until I can get cleaned up, I'll be at my craft table. I'm finishing up another card swap and wanted to get it in the mail today. Actually I have 2 other swaps that are ready and all going to the same hostess. So that's one more to cross off my list of swaps to do.

Oh, as a side note, today is the 200th anniversary of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha I. It also coincides with the anniversary of his birth. There will be all kinds of celebrations going on back home, including the traditional laying of lei garlands at his statute which is located in front of the law building in downtown Honolulu. The only island he didn't conquer was Kaua'i. Here's a link to the story that appeared in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser this morning:

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