Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Updates

As I knew I would, I have a nice bruise on my backside from my fall the other day and the area around it is pretty tender. Most of the stiffness is gone except I have noticed that if I sit too long then it takes me a little bit to stand up and walk. I have some bruising on my right leg too.

The last couple of days it has been cooler than its been. I haven't been turning on the AC until the afternoon and then about 7pm turning it off. It gets too warm in my craft room with the afternoon sun shining right into my room. Gerry teases me that anything over 75 degrees I'm miserable. He was talking to his sister this afternoon making some unkind comment about the little "Hawaiian" and the heat. I poked my head around the corner into his office, had my atomic clock in my hand and informed him that it was 82 degrees in my room. If there had been a breeze, it wouldn't have been too bad. However, there was no breeze.

I got real lazy with dinner tonight. Gerry didn't have lunch until 3pm so it was about 7pm when I finally went into the kitchen. He was outside moving some red rock from a neighbor's yard over to an area of ground along side our carport. The neighbor wants all the red rock removed from in front of her mobile so Gerry's been getting some of it. I had taken some pork chops out so I pan fried them, we had those and some salad. It was good and filling.

I've been very busy at my craft table working on more card swaps from Splitcoast Stampers. I will post pictures of the cards I've made yesterday and today on my card blog.

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