Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Fell Today

Before I tell you about my fall this morning, when I signed on to my blog, there was a comment that needed to be published. When I clicked on to it, I discovered that the mother of the young marine whose funeral was a couple of weeks ago, left a comment. I asked Gerry to read it and he wanted to know how she would have found my blog. Well, she probably googled her son or the Patriot Guard Riders and my blog popped up. I wrote a response to her comment. I feel very honored.

As I mentioned earlier on Facebook, I fell this morning. I had gone out to put the trash bag from our bathroom in the trash bin. A few weeks ago, Gerry put some clay pots out along the side of the carport. So when I walked back I noticed that some of the blooms on the marigolds needed to be plucked off. So I bent over to do that. They hadn't been watered for a couple of days so I got the hose to water. Gerry had put a wand like sprinker on the end of the hose and when I turned it on, it started leaking.

Anyway, I got the watering down and was going to water the shrubs out in front of the mobile. I had taken the hose between our two vans. That's the only way to get to the pots. I could have gone behind the Nissan van, however the hose won't reach and going in front of the Plymouth van is not possible either. So I was walking back between the vans and the next thing I know I am falling towards the siding. I put my right arm out so I wouldn't fall into the siding. My right hand hit the siding and then the next thing I know my body is twisted around and I am falling on my back.

At the bottom of the back steps there is a small section of concrete that is raised. I fell back on that. Thankfully I did not hit my head. I laid there for a minute and then turned over on my left side. I managed to grab hold of the left side rear quarter panel (Gerry told me that's what it is called) on the Plymouth van to sit up and then managed to stand up.

I really don't know what happened to cause me to fall. The hose was leaking so there was water on the ground. There is an on/off switch on the wand so I had turned the water off. So I might have slipped on the water or tripped on the hose or it got wrapped around my ankles when I turned around to come back in to the carport. I also have vertigo and bending over the clay pots might have made me lightheaded although I didn't feel like I was. I don't really know.

I left the hose where it fell and slowly walked up the stairs into the house. My right hip and my back were already hurting. I got a small scrap on my right leg. I don't have a bruise yet on my hip, however I won't be surprised if there's one tomorrow. I thought Gerry would get the hose out of the way when he went for his walk after dinner. He didn't so I went out and got it up against the mobile. I don't want the Sacramento Bee carrier tripping over it.

I already have back pain with a bulging disc and arthritis in the same spot. I deal with a lot of pain from that situation so now I've got this to contend with.

I have fallen many times and so have a real fear of falling. Some of my falls have been really bad ones.

In spite of the trauma of this fall, I am just thankful it wasn't worse and I didn't break my hip or anything else. Gerry was at his one day a week job at Carmichael Cycles so I was by myself. I could have been laying there not able to get any help unless someone passed by and I could call out. God did protect me from a more serious fall and I am grateful.

I'm off to bed and hopefully I can sleep.


  1. I've been trying to be more careful myself lately. We aren't as graceful as we used to be. I shutter to think what would've happened if you had hit your head on the concrete. Hopefully, you won't be too sore tomorrow.

  2. Yes, Jalna, it hurts worse falling at an older age. I am a little stiff this morning and have a small bruise on my right hip. I am so thankful the fall wasn't worse. When I told Gerry last night that I had fallen, he wanted to know right away if I hit my head. I have a cane that my sister-in-law got me a couple of years ago, so I got it out last night. I have a couple of errands to do today so will take the cane with me. Thank you!