Friday, June 11, 2010

New Hot Water Heater Installed

Hallelujah!!! The new hot water heater is installed. Gerry made 3 trips up to Home Depot only to return from the 3rd trip with the heater that he purchased on the first trip. He discovered with the first one that it couldn't be installed in a mobile home because the warranty would be invalid. This was after calling Home Depot and then the company that made the heater. So he went back to Home Depot and got another one. The heaters for mobile homes were on a top shelf and he had to get someone to get it down. So he gets that one home, opens it up and discovers its been converted to liquid gas. I think there's a kit to convert it back to natural gas. He decides that is not something for him to do and calls Home Depot again. So on his 3rd trip there and after talking to a few people, he comes home with the first heater. If something goes wrong with the heater within the period it is under warranty, Home Depot will take care of it not the company who made the heater.

He called Jason earlier in the day and Jason came over after he got off work to help install it. It had to be lifted up to the place where it goes and Gerry needed some help to that. So, finally after 6 pm this evening, there is hot water again. We had to run the water for a little bit to get the air out of the tank and the water was brown when it first came out.

I fixed fried rice for dinner and Jason stayed to eat with us and visited for a while. I always enjoy him being over which he doesn't do very often. Usually when Gerry needs some help with something.

I worked at my craft table finishing up a swap which helped to keep my sanity and stay out of the way. I took another one of those "portagee baths" this morning so I am looking forward to a nice hot shower. In fact, I think that's what I am going to go do; I have no idea what I am still doing on the computer at 11:30 pm.


  1. Men are so nice to have around . . . sometimes.

  2. Hahahaha!!! Sometimes is so very true, Jalna!! Can sure do without the "mouth". :)