Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Susan's Pottery

I drove out to Lincoln today to have lunch with my friend, Susan. We met several years ago when she and her family started attending the church where I use to go. It wasn't long after she started coming to church that she and I became very close friends. I led a ministry there and Susan accepted my invitation to be a part of that ministry. Susan is very creative and I immediately asked her to be in charge of decorations for any of the large functions my particular ministry was involved in planning and putting on. She had a real knack in knowing how to do something without spending a lot of money.

Eventually she stopped attending and I also left the church. From time to time we'd get together and have lunch somewhere in Roseville, which is kind of half way between Lincoln and North Highlands.

She decided to go to college and has been attending Sierra Junior College in Rocklin. We've been saying we need to get together. Last week sometime she popped up in Facebook's chat room and asked if I still wanted to get together and we decided on doing it today. I drove out to her house in Lincoln and we had lunch and enjoyed catching up while sitting out on her patio.

Like I mentioned, Susan is very creative. She has taken ceramic classes at Sierra College and has all her own equipment at home to pursue making pottery. I love pottery and was very interested in looking at the pieces she has available. I took my camera specifically to take pictures and then forgot to do it. She's made two beautiful teapots. I have a collection of teapots and would have loved to add one of them to my collection. I also like different sizes and shapes of bowls. I decided on purchasing these that are pictured below. I apologize for the coloring in these pictures. I took the pictures on the breakfast bar which has awful, yucky yellow formica. Our mobile was built in 1971.

So the base of the bowls have a yellow tinge to them. They are actually off white with green. I loved how the color ran down the sides of these. This is the larger of the two in this set. I love how the inside looks. There are several colors going on here.
This is the smaller one.

This set is much smaller than the other set. I loved the shape of these. Again the base is an off white and the color is dripping down the sides.

Susan tells me that the bowls can be used in the microwave, can be put in the dishwasher and it is safe to serve food in them. I look forward to using these for an assortment of things. I've encouraged her to make a Facebook page of her pottery. She is very interested in selling her creations.
As I mentioned Susan is going to college. I believe she has another year or so to go before she receives her AA and then I think she plans to transfer to California University at Sacramento, better known as Sac State. She is pursuing an art major degree with a minor in sign language and someday teach art to handicapped/deaf students. She's also maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Not too shabby for someone who is the mother of 4 children and a grandmother. Her two youngest boys are in high school. I am so proud of her and her determination to get an education.
Well, hopefully the next time we get together, she'll come here to see my card creations. :)


  1. Wow, makes me want to take some kind of pottery class. I've never even come close to making something like that unless you count the ashtray looking thing I made in kindergarten. Your friend is very inspiring.

  2. Thanks, Jalna. I'll be purchasing more of her pieces at some later time. It is amazing what she does. It certainly isn't anything I'd try to attempt. :)