Monday, April 18, 2011

Senior Prom 2011

My granddaughter, Rebekah-Elizabeth Noelani, graduates from high school in June.  She had her senior prom this past weekend.  Denise posted pictures on Facebook and I saved them to my computer. 
A beautiful young woman!
The back of her dress.
Parents - Stephen and Denise with Rebekah-Elizabeth
Grandparents - John and Jane Bledsoe

John is Denise's father...yes, my ex-husband.  Denise told me they were going to be in Enterprise for a visit.  I will be traveling back to Enterprise in June for graduation and spend a couple of weeks there.

The time has just flown by.  I remember vividly the Saturday Rebekah was born and the telephone call I got from Denise that she had had a girl...and what she named her.  I believe I have mentioned before...Rebekah's first name is hyphenated as my name is and Elizabeth is for me.  She has Denise's middle name of Noelani.  She is not only a beauty to look at...she also has a beautiful spirit.  I sure do love her so very much and can't wait to see her in a couple of months.


  1. your granddaughter is very pretty!

  2. Thanks Les! :) She's a sweet girl!

  3. Wow, your granddaughter! And wow, your ex-husband!

  4. Funny...huh! I liked the picture of the three of them so that's why i included it. We would have been married 50 years this year.

    Thank you! Rebekah is so lovely...its hard to believe she is all grown up.