Friday, April 1, 2011


I was at Bel Air earlier today doing some grocery shopping. I was standing at the dairy case putting some orange juice in my cart. A woman passing by said "Hi Betty". I turned around and she said "you are Betty, aren't you"?. She asked if I remembered who she was. She looked very familiar, however I had no clue where I knew her from. She mentioned we worked together years ago at Alta California Regional Center. That was my first job when I moved to Sacramento in July 1980. I said to her "please, tell me your name". She said "Sandy". Oh, it has been so many years since we worked together. I started at ALTA in August of 1980 and she started in November 1980. We were both secretaries. She still works at ALTA and is a case worker now. We stood there at the dairy case for about 15 minutes or so catching up on who still works there. There's been a lot of changes at ALTA, both good and bad. They are now in a union and flex schedules are offered. She works 4 10 hour days and has Fridays off. I left ALTA in 1985 and she got married soon after that. Her husband passed away a few years ago. She remembered that I had gotten married in 1980 and had a daughter that I talked about a lot. She couldn't believe Denise was now 41 years old. She said "you still look the same". :) It was super great to see her and catch up. Before I left to go to Bel Air, I was crusing on Facebook. My grandson had posted an ultrasound picture. It is a girl...her name is Chayse Katherine. It is a beautiful picture...very clear and her perfect little body can be seen. So exciting...


  1. "Chayse Katherine" . . . pretty name.

  2. It is a pretty name, huh. I hosted a card swap today and the ladies were saying it is probably a variation of "Casey". Will have to find out...