Sunday, May 1, 2011


Last year for Mother's Day I got a Nook e-reader. I've enjoyed it immensely and have read several books on it. I created a Wish List on Barnes & Noble and it has been from that list that I have purchased and downloaded books to my reader.

A few weeks ago I learned that the Sacramento Public Library had e-books to borrow and download to one's computer. Depending on the format of the e-book available, they can be synced with e-readers or other media devices. I thought it was a great idea that I could sync any book I borrowed to my Nook. Unfortunately, to date I haven't been able to figure out how to sync the books to my Nook. :(

I had to go up to the local library branch and get my library card renewed. So far I've downloaded 4 books and read 3 of them. You can choose the borrowing period of either 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. I downloaded the books for 21 days. Earlier this afternoon I figured out how to return the books before the borrow period is up. At the end of the borrow time, the books just automatically disappear from my library. I had to download a program from the library so I can read them on my computer and a library was created when I did that.

I've read 2 books by Debbie Macomber - Susannah's Garden and her newest book that was just released last week A Turn in the Road. Her books are based in Seattle, WA. She writes in a conversational style...her books are easy to read, some twists and turns in the story line and very entertaining. I discovered her when I was setting up my Wish List on Barnes & Noble. I've read several of her books on my Nook.

Then this afternoon I finished a book called When the Soul Mends by Cindy Woodsmall. This was the 3rd book in a trilogy called "Sisters of the Quilt". She writes Amish fiction, much like Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter. I've read several of their books. I have hardcopies of the first 2 books in this trilogy. This was another outstanding book and I enjoyed it a lot.

Reading these e-books on my computer has really been enjoyable. I'm able to expand the view so it is easy to read the print.

I am going to start reading the 4th book which is called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Linda See. I believe the author is originally from the Sacramento area and is of mixed heritage - Chinese and Caucasian. Most of her books take place in China. This one is no exception...the story is told by an 80 year old woman about the very close friendship she had with Snow Flower. It takes place in 19th century rural China. I am anxious to begin reading this book.

The library has about 500 books that are in e-book format, unfortunately there is not too many titles that interest me. The ones that do are not available. In fact, on Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, I put in an e-request last week and got notice this afternoon that it was available. I think I have 2 more books that I've requested.


  1. So space age!! I gotta check out the library thing. I probably would have to renew my card too.

  2. I know, huh. I put in the request for Snow Flower Thursday or Friday of last week and then Sunday I get an email it is available to download. It is so easy to read books nowadays...don't need to go to the library or Barnes & Nobles or Borders to look for something to read...pretty neat!!