Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stormy Day

Yesterday we had a short break from the sky and sunshine. Then last night the rain returned and brought the wind with it. The wind was pretty strong through the night and it continues. The sun screens are rattling on my craft room windows. We can expect this kind of weather for a few more days.

Last night I was irritated because I thought my favorites didn't get copied from my laptop to my desk top. Then I discovered my pictures were "lost" too. Well, Gerry did some searching and found everything. Huge relief. Now I just need to move everything to where it should be.

Right now I'm going to go get some lunch...


  1. "Ole" Gerry is right!! Hahahaha!! He knew exactly where to go look. So thankful for that!! Actually the only things copied over were my pictures and my music. My list of "Favorites" which included the blogs I follow, food sites/blogs, craft blogs/sites, all my Hawaii sites and a whole lot more were not copied. So I am having to recreate my lists....ugh!! Oh well, at least I have a computer to use, even if it is outdated...Gotta be thankful for the small stuff!! :)