Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My New Do

I went to see Brent this afternoon for a much needed haircut. I had an appointment with him 3 weeks ago, had to cancel and then I got sick. I called yesterday about noon and was surprised that he had an opening today...and that he was even working today. His normal days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because of the short week, he was working some extra time.

Anyway, I told him I wanted to go short...he said "how short"...and I said up to my ears. So he gave me some layers in the back and shorter bangs. He didn't do any color this time...he said the color still looked good from when he did it in September. What he does is give me some low lights blending the gray hair and still leaving some gray. The gray is mostly at my temples and down the sides. Its covered up so it can't really be seen.

I really like the style and am happy to have no hair on my neck. I'll just need to go in more often. After I uploaded the pictures to my computer and was looking at them, I thought my face looks really bad with no makeup! LOL!!

He gave me an upsweep in the back.
I posted these on Facebook too. :)


  1. Brent did a great job!! Looks like you'll be good for another 3 months!

  2. Thanks Jalna!! Yup, I'll be good for awhile. :)