Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Weekend

There is such a build-up to Christmas and then it is over...

We went to the Christmas Eve service at Trinity Life Center. It was very nice. We hadn't had supper before we went to church so afterwards we went across the street to Brookfields to eat. We weren't sure if they'd even be open. There were a few people from church there. There was a late PGR Welcome Home mission at the airport so we went to participate. Surprisely enough there were about 38 people there for the welcome home. By the time we headed home the fog had gotten really thick.

Christmas Day dawned with rain...a pretty heavy storm...lots of wind and rain. Christmas morning is the only time I fix breakfast. I had a horrible night with my coughing so when I got up Gerry was already awake. He offered to fix it...as it turned out...we did it together...scrambled eggs, sausage links, biscuits (thanks to the "dough boy") and some fruit. I cleaned the kitchen up. Then for dinner I fixed a sirloin tip roast, baked potatoes, fresh steamed green beans and rice salad. I didn't fix a dessert...we didn't miss it.

We laid around and watched TV most of the day. Sunday was a nice day...after church we drove up to Sweet Pea's in Auburn to eat. Gerry wanted their Oatmeal Raisin pancake. It is so huge, covers the entire plate. He does good to finish one of them. He tried 2 once and barely was able to finish it. I had a club sandwich. After we left there we drove north out of Auburn on country roads, driving through the towns of Mt. Vernon, Mt Pleasant, Sheridan and Lincoln. It was a beautiful drive...the fields were all green after all the rain we've had...and it is always enjoyable to see the livestock grazing in the fields. From Lincoln we drove into Roseville, stopping at Bel Air before coming home. I wanted to get some sandwich rolls so we could make some roast beef sandwiches later.

We didn't get each other anything for Christmas. Denise sent us another Creative Memories calendar. Every page is loaded with awesome pictures of all of them. I am going to cut the pages on this year's calendar and put them in an album. The calendar is made that the top is a 12x12 page that will fit in an album. The bottom part can be discarded.

We woke up to rain again this morning. It has been raining all day.


  1. What a nice and relaxing Christmas weekend (except for your still being sick). It's been raing, raining, raining here too.

  2. My coughing seems to be worse at night...can't figure that out. We woke up to sun this morning then the clouds rolled in again. Its not raining though. I see blue skies off to the west.