Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cough, Cough, Cough!!!

Its been a week since I got sick with this crazy cold. The cough lingers now and I sure wish it would go away. Elizabeth told me that Delsym works good for suppressing the cough so I got some the other day. It supposedly works for 12 hours too. Well, that may be certainly hasn't worked for me. So today I got some Robitussin for cough and chest congestion. I'm going to give it a try tonight and see if it works. Here's hoping...

The thing I hate about coughing is that it wakes me up at night. I did sleep a lttle better last night...only woke up a couple of times. However, I woke up about 6:15 this morning coughing "my fool head" off and couldn't go back to sleep. I did go back to sleep about 8:30 and slept for about an hour and a half.

It was a dark gloomy day with overcast skies. There was quite a bit of fog last night and it didn't completely clear up. We came in about an hour ago and the fog was starting to get thick in some areas.

Tonight we went to a Christmas play at the church where Elizabeth and her girls go. Hannah and Emily were both in the play. It was pretty good...they presented the play last night too.

It is rather strange to be in the building where the church is. It use to be a Bel Air Market and it is where I shopped when we first moved to Citrus Heights back in the early 1980's. After Bel Air closed that store, it was a health club and there were some other businesses on the side of the building. The church has the entire building now so the sanctuary is quite large with classrooms surrounding it.

Several of the mobiles right around us have decorated the outside of their mobiles. Sure is pretty. I noticed driving down Madison Avenue, on the way home tonight, that there were a lot of homes decorated. I love to see what people do in the way of decorating the outside of their homes. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen here. Hopefully I can get a little bit of decorating done inside. How about y' you go all out decorating?


  1. Wow, sounds like you had the same thing I had! Did you lose your voice too? I actually woke my husband up one night because I was coughing so much. He was sleeping in another room too!

  2. Hey,, I didn't lose my voice. I seem to cough more when I'm laying down. I've been sitting up in the living room at night. I'm sure I've woken Gerry up although he hasn't said anything. He's sick now...a couple of nights when he's gone out for his walk, its been raining...and its cold too. So its not surprising that he is sick lolo, yeah!! :-)

  3. Kid time I used to love to play in the rain. It was one of my favorite things. Now gotta worry about getting sick . . .

  4. Yup...playing in the rain was always a lot of fun...its the pits getting older, though.