Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Catching Up Post

Good Morning!! I finally got my card order done last night. I'm going to deliver the cards today. A couple of them I had to redo, I also had to substitute stamps from the sample cards. The samples I used were Asian cards I did in a couple of different classes at The Paper Garden. So I didn't have the stamps that were used. I hope Kazumi and Kaori like the cards.

I need to get card kits made for the card swap I'm going to on Saturday. There will be 6 ladies attending this swap. I think I'm going to use a card from my stash so I don't have to think of a new design. Every one is making two different card samples.

I met my classmate friend, Irene at Izumi's Japanese restaurant in Rocklin yesterday for lunch. Irene and I went to Kaimuki High School. She is leaving next week Thursday to go home for the 50th reunion of the Class of '60. We'll get together again when she gets back so she can tell me all about it.

Since I had to get my card orders finished last night, Gerry fixed dinner. He left about the same time I did yesterday to go for a ride. He didn't ride on Monday because it was suppose to be raining. It turned out to be a nice day. Anyway, I put the rice on and then he made some patties with the hamburger meat I had taken out, zapped some frozen peas in the microwave and it was dinner. He even cleaned the kitchen for me! What a guy, huh!! Sometimes he can be so helpful! :) We won't talk about the other times when I ask him to help me. LOL!!

He just left for the Wednesday breakfast ride. He usually has coffee only on the breakfast ride. Yesterday he stopped at the bike shop at Five Points, Carmichael Cycles. Five Points is where most of the rides start. It is close to William Pond Park and the American River Parkway which the club uses to ride. The guy that manages the store belongs to the same bike club. Gerry hangs out there sometimes after a ride. Anyway, he was offered a part time job to help work on bikes. Don't know if he is going to do it. He'd be gone all the time.

Well, I'm going to go get some breakfast and get started on my day.


  1. Hoohoo! I'm looking forward to meeting Irene next week!

  2. Yeah, she is too - looking forward to meeting you. I'm sure it will be good fun. Heard that the Kailua reunion was fantastic. They had over 150 people there, classmates and guests. That's awesome! I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day!