Friday, April 16, 2010

Nathan's Airborne Graduation

Nathan graduates from Airborne training this morning. There is a 3 hour difference from California to Georgia so graduation may already have happened. It is 7:30 am here as I write this post. Stephen had a comment on Facebook a while ago that they were sitting in the bleachers waiting to pin a second generation Airborne.

Stephen closed their shop today so they could drive up for Nathan's graduation. I chatted with Denise for a couple of minutes on Facebook last evening and she told me Nathan hadn't received his orders yet. I think Stephen mentioned some time ago that Nathan was hoping to go to Ft. Bragg, NC. That would be so cool if he did. Stephen was stationed there. They lived in Fayetteville for several years so it would be going back home.

Hopefully Denise will post some pictures later. Have a great day!!


  1. I can't believe he's graduating already!

  2. I know, huh! Airborne is only 3 weeks. Denise told me he cancelled his contract to go to Ranger school when he got to Airborne. Denise sent a FB message earlier and they were still waiting on him to get a weekend pass. I didn't have a chance to write her back. I will tomorrow and see what happens now.