Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching Up

I've been busy at my craft table the last few days. I posted pictures of the cards I made on my card blog.

On Friday Nathan graduated from Airborne. He went home to Enterprise for the weekend. I saw a post on Facebook that Denise was watching Nathan pack up his stuff again. I'm not sure what happens now. I need to call Denise and ask, maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

We are having beautiful weather here in Sacramento. When we got home about 3:30 pm this afternoon, I opened the house up to let in some fresh air. I believe we are suppose to have some rain again the first part of the week.

Friday night we went to a small concert at a church in Elk Grove to hear The Beene Family. This was probably our 4th time to hear them. They are a family of 3 brothers and the wife of one of the brothers and they sing Southern Gospel type music. If you are familiar with the Gaithers, they sing that type of music. They are excellent and we enjoy seeing them and listening to them sing.

We hadn't had dinner so when we left the church we were going to stop somewhere. Gerry thought of a place over on Stockton Blvd close to Highway 99 so we headed that way. He then thought we'd drive north on Stockton and see if we could find a Japanese restaurant. Stockton Blvd is where a lot of the Asian stores and buffets are located. We did see several seafood buffets, however decided it was probably too late for a big meal. Stockton Blvd then takes you into Oak Park which is predominately a black community and can be pretty dangerous at times. As we are driving along, Gerry says "oh, we need to stop for gas, the light just came on". Well, Oak Park is not the place to stop at night and feel safe. Anyway, we did see a mini mart gas station and pulled into it. He put a little bit of gas in just so we wouldn't run completely out. There was a black man milling around the pumps and I figured out he was looking to get some money from someone to buy gas. He said something to Gerry and Gerry just kept walking into the store. I had the doors locked!! We then headed over to Howe Avenue and Arigato's for sushi. There were people standing outside waiting to get in, we didn't want to wait so we headed back down Howe Avenue and went to Mel's Drive In to eat. It is really not a drive in, it is a 50's theme restaurant, they serve breakfast all day and the food is pretty good. Gerry had a sandwich and I had scrambled eggs with ham. It was after 9 pm by this time and we were starved. It was pretty late when we finally got home. We just should have gone to the first restaurant Gerry thought of and we would have been home a lot sooner. Oh, well, we had a little adventure along with hearing some great music. We are such homebodies, it felt strange to be out on a Friday night and late too! :)

After church today, we drove into Sacramento and ate at The Spaghetti Factory. A friend of ours is in the hospital downtown and we wanted to go see him. He went to the hospital either Friday night or last night in Roseville and was transferred to a hospital in Sacramento to have an angiogram done. A blockage was found and now the doctors have to confer as to when surgery will be performed. At Trinity Life where we go to church, they have these small communion cups which contain a wafer and a bit of grape juice. These are available every Sunday after the service is over for anyone that wants to have communion before leaving. Gerry decided to get 4 of them and take them to the hospital to have communion with our friends. I think they were quite pleased that we thought of doing that. It sure was a special moment when we did it with them. Three of their daughters with their families were at the hospital so we got to see them too. We use to all go to church together and spent a lot of time together. * Gerry just told me the doctors conferred this afternoon and our friend will be having a triple bypass. Their daughter put a post on Facebook a few minutes ago. Be praying for him, his wife and their family!!

The worship service was so good today. I am really enjoying the preaching of Rev. Cole. The topic today was "Growing in Courage and Might", Bible references: I Corinthians 10:12-13, Proverbs 10:29 and Isaiah 51:9. I wrote down a few of the comments he made:
  • Growing in Christ is not automatic
  • Prayer is a consistent relationship with a living God
  • We need to learn how to communicate with God if we want to grow in strength and courage
  • Our problems are not greater than His abilities
  • Allow God's lifting power to help us continue on the path with Him

Have a great week!


  1. Wendell and I are homebodies too. We rarely go out in the evenings unless it's to some party or to go grab a bite to eat. We usually spend evenings with him snoring in front of the TV and me at the computer.

  2. That's funny. Gerry and I are usually on the computer, he in his office and me in mine. I just got off the phone talking to Karen. She filled me in a little bit more about Robert & Brenda. Evidently, or at least Karen understood that Robert is divorced. She said she enjoyed meeting you and tried to get you to stay and eat dinner.