Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Pictures of Nathan's Jump Yesterday

Denise posted these pictures on Facebook today that Stephen took of Nathan's jump. The first picture is one of two C130's that is ready to taxi down the runway and take the soldiers up for their jump.Some of the crowd watching.
Stephen said a lieutenant led the way.

Nathan should be the one on the far left.
He is on the left getting ready to touch down.
Nathan in the front double timing to get his 'chute in.
Nathan is the one in the back. The car parked there looks like Stephen and Denise's Saturn.
Nathan down, safe and sound!!
Turning in his 'chute.
The best picture of all, a proud and happy father and a proud and happy soldier son!!
Nathan has 4 more jumps to do before he is done with his training. It is amazing all that he has accomplished in nine months. Stephen made a comment on the pictures that the soldier that was helping Nathan get ready also helped Stephen get into the pack area and on the jump site. I need to ask Denise about him. I think he is someone they probably knew from being in Fayetteville, NC. He might have attended Calvary Chapel where Stephen was associate pastor.