Saturday, June 27, 2009

Checking In

I've been away from my blog and writing any new posts. The other day I downloaded the new Internet Explorer onto my desktop computer. Since I did that, I've been having all kinds of problems. When I try to get on my blog, I get an error message and get kicked off. The few times I have gotten on my blog and didn't get kicked off, I've just looked at Jalna, Leslie and my granddaughter's blogs. I got so irritated this afternoon, I turned on my laptop. So I've been using it instead. The desktop was fine before I downloaded the new Internet Explorer.

I finally got all of the vacation pictures downloaded off my Casio and Canon cameras to my laptop. Then I went through all of them, making notes and refreshing my memory as to where they were taken. I counted over 1000 pictures. Gerry has some on his Casio he hasn't downloaded so I want to download those onto my laptop. I downloaded over 200 of his while we were still traveling.

As soon as I get all that done, I will start downloading some to my blog. I won't put them ALL on, that would take me forever. I want to be done with blogging the trip. :)) I may create some albums on my Facebook too.

It has been rather warm here in Sacramento. I am not sure how hot it actually got today, it was suppose to be over 100. The next few days will be warm and then should cool down some by the middle of next week. At least it is cooling down at night. It is difficult to sleep at night if it is really warm. We turn the AC off at night, open the bedroom windows and have a fan going.

Yesterday we went to another memorial service. This one was for Graeff Galebach, age 83, who died from cancer last week. It was a wonderful worship service and was done by the former senior pastor from Roseville Nazarene. The service was done at a church in Citrus Heights not at Roseville Nazarene where Graeff and his wife Nancy have been members for many years. It would have been a little awkward. It was like a huge family reunion. So many who have left Roseville Nazarene over the last few years for one reason or another, were at the service. The former youth/associate pastor at Roseville Nazarene who is now a senior pastor in Midlothian, TX drove out with his family.

Hopefully there won't be any more memorial services for awhile.


  1. That's why I'm always scared to download new stuff on my computer. I never know what to expect. I didn't realize it could get so hot in Sacramento.

  2. Yes, it does. Usually in July and August it can get downright miserable. A few years ago in July we had triple digit temperatures for several days in a row. There were also several deaths of elderly people and a few who live in some of the rooming houses in downtown Sacramento that don't have AC in the buildings because they are so old. Cooling centers were opened up for people to go too. Its early in the summer to be having these hot temperatures now. We stay in and only go out when necessary. :)