Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phoenix, AZ

We arrived at Jeanne's (Gerry's sister) about 4pm Monday afternoon. It was a long drive, 400 miles from El Paso. We will be here until Thursday morning.

Last night we had dinner with Larry and Janet Classen, friends that use to live in Sacramento. They attended church with us at Roseville Nazarene. Larry has pastored Nazarene churches in a few states and a few places in California. They've lived here for about a year. We went to Sweet Tomatoes which is like a Fresh Choice. They have numerous salads and soups and its cafeteria style. It was good to have a light dinner since we had been eating some heavy meals. It was good to catch up; we were among the last to leave the restaurant. We had a good time. Jeanne went with us.

This morning we met Gwen, Brian and Jennifer for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Sun City. Gwen was married to Gerry's father who died several years ago. She is 3 months older than Gerry. Brian and Jennifer are her children. They are the ages of Gerry's older children.

When I first started visiting Denise and family in North Carolina, we would go to Cracker Barrel on the last Sunday I was there for dinner after church. On this trip we have stopped at several along the way. Their food is not as good as it use to be. We stopped at one in Shreveport, LA on our way east. Granted it was a Sunday, after church and the restaurant was very busy. The floor in the dining area was dirty and the staff seemed to be rushing every one with their meals. There aren't any in California and I've always enjoyed it when we come to Arizona knowing that there will be several along the interstate. The ones we've stopped at on this trip have been a disappointment. I do enjoy looking through the country store and have bought a knit shirt in each one we've stopped at.

After we left there, Jeanne needed to go to her bank to get some papers notarized. Gerry's father had purchased 2 cemetary plots in Southern California when Gerry's mom died. Before Father passed away he told Jeanne she could have the other plot. So she had some documents to notarize for the changeover from Father's name to hers. One of her dogs passed away just before we got here on our way east and she had him cremated. She wanted to pick up his ashes. She got a little confused in her directions so we kind of went in circles before we found it. Then we stopped at Walmart to get some things we needed for dinner tonight. I am making hamburger with mushroom soup and rice. I got some fresh squash to steam too. I don't like Walmart's produce at all. It is like the worse of the worse. Anyway, it should be fine.

I started some laundry after we got back home. I finished mine and am doing Gerry's now. The weather was really nice today. It is not warm at all and there's been a breeze. This morning when we left, it was quite cool. In another month or so it will be hotter than blazes.

Jeanne and her daughter Karie are thinking about moving back to San Diego County this fall. Their lease is up here at this house and they don't plan on renewing it. It will be nice to have them closer.

Well, I need to check on the laundry and get dinner started.

Dinner was good. Karie cooked the rice. They don't have a rice cooker and I haven't cooked rice on the stove since I was 17 years old. It came out good. It was a little difficult using someone else's kitchen. It was ok though.

Jeanne has gone to bed, Karie is reading in her room and Gerry is on his laptop in the living room. I am in the guest bedroom. There's an old roll up desk in here and I have my laptop sitting on it. The animals have all gone to bed too. Jeanne has a dog and Karie has 2 cats.

Gerry finished up the laundry while I was getting dinner fixed. So that is all done and we should be fine with laundry until we get home. I think tomorrow Jeanne has to go to Costco to pick up a prescription. I don't think we'll be doing anything else.

I will talk to y'all later. Goodnight!!


  1. 400 miles! Wow! It must be nice to take a break from driving. I can't believe you're almost gonna be home.

  2. I know, huh! The last 5 weeks have gone by really fast. The sad part is that most of that time has been spent driving. I won't want to take any trips for a while after we get home. hahahaha!!!!