Monday, June 15, 2009

Melody's Birthday & Lunch with the Warehimes

Melody's 9th birthday is today; she celebrated with a party at her house yesterday. We went to church first then went over to her house. When we got there the kids were out in the back yard having a water gun fight. They seemed to be having a grand time getting wet. We stayed for a little while and then left to go have some lunch/early dinner. There wasn't time to go eat after church. Gerry wanted to go the Old Spaghetti Factory in Roseville. It was pretty quiet there as the dinner crowd hadn't started yet. After that, we came home. I was pretty tired and wanted to just relax.

I got a few things unpacked and put away, however, there is still stuff laying around in the living room that needs to get put away. My bags all need to be unpacked too.

This morning, Monday, I slept in again. Gerry was going to get up early to go ride, he slept in too. He did get ready and went for a ride. It was going to be a short one since we were meeting the Warehimes for lunch at The Elephant Bar restaurant in Citrus Heights.

Stan and Donna use to be our neighbors when we lived in our house in North Highlands, a little north from where we live now. About the same time we were moving to our mobile, they moved to Missouri where they purchased a general store. The store actually consisted of the whole town of Davisville. It included a post office and feed store and a house. They sold the store a year ago or so. The house they purchased to live in is actually an earth house, part of it is buried and they have several acres, all part of a portion of the Mark Twain Forest in Southeastern Missouri. Donna and I have had a very close friendship for several years and so when they come to Sacramento to visit their daughters that live here, we always try to get together. Their son lives in Orange County and he came up last week to visit.

Two of their grandchildren graduated from high school so they drove out for that. They leave next weekend to drive back to Missouri. Donna told me today that they have their house and property on the market and are thinking about moving back out west. It will probably be Arizona. They've been looking for a mobile home to purchase. It won't be California, however, it will be closer than Missouri.

We sat out on the patio at The Elephant Bar and it was very nice. For most of our lunch, we were the only ones on the patio and so didn't feel rushed about getting through our lunch. We got there at 11:30 am and didn't leave until almost 2 pm. I knew Stan Jr was coming, however didn't know until this morning that their oldest daughter Shelly was coming too. It was so good to see her. She use to live across the street from us. Stan and Donna lived 3 houses from us.

I've got laundry started and need to start putting things away. At some time I need to go do some grocery shopping. Since we had a big lunch, we may not be hungry for dinner.

I also have a sympathy card to make. While we were at Joyce's in La Puente, we found out that a very good friend of ours, Del Ford, passed away suddenly. We don't know the details, it seems he was doing some work at his home in Placerville and fell. He said to his wife, Linda, I think I've broken my neck and died. He leaves his wife Linda, son Shawn, daughter Kristi and 4 grandchildren. Del and Linda are both school teachers and he retired this past May. He had been a pastor for several years prior to being a teacher. My daughter dated his son when she was in high school. Anyway, we've been friends for many years. His service is tomorrow at the Placervile Church of the Nazarene where he and Linda have been active members for a few years now.

The weather here in Sacramento has been rather pleasant. I did read in the Bee that it is suppose to start warming up later this week.


  1. 11:30 to 2!!! Talk about shooting the breeze! Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. It must've been quite a shock . . . and to think he just retired.

  2. LOL!! Thank goodness none of us needed to get back to work!!

    We were totally shocked to hear about Del. He was quite a handyman around the house. Probably was on a ladder or something and fell. The service tomorrow will be really hard!