Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Are Home!!

Another quick post. I really need to be asleep. I am beyond tired. We got home about 5:20 pm this afternoon. It took a little longer than anticipated. We had breakfast in downtown Los Angeles this morning with a friend of Gerry's, Ike Delgadillo and his wife Ida. I am not sure of the spelling of his last name. Anyway, Gerry and Ike have known each other since they were in their teens. Gerry refers to Ike as his "Mexican brother". Gerry's youngest son's middle name is Issac after Ike.

We ate breakfast at The Pantry which was been in business since 1924. They are at the corner of Figueroa and 9th Street. This is the second location for the restaurant, the first location was displaced by the building of the Harbour Freeway, one of the many freeways that go through Los Angeles. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there is always a line waiting to get into the restaurant. The food is ok, nothing fantastic, I don't think. Gerry likes the food there and when he lived in Inglewood, he ate there often. Of course the area is not the greatest and some of the people loitering around are a little spooky. It was 10 am before we got back on the freeway to head north.

We stopped at the summit of the Grapevine for a potty break and then stopped in Fresno at an In and Out hamburger place for lunch. We were going to stop in Tulare at Apple Annie's again for lunch, however when we got to Tulare we were still full from breakfast to eat again so drove to Fresno before we stopped.

We had some sprinkles in LA as we were leaving. Then when we stopped at the summit, it was cool and windy. It was quite nice in Fresno too.

We have a friend in the hospital who is dying from cancer. He is 83 years old. Gerry wanted to go see him before we came home. I said I was too tired so we came home and got the car unloaded. It didn't take us long to do that. I felt a little better so we left to go to the hospital. We stayed for just a few minutes then went to Arigato's in Roseville to eat sushi, stopped at Bel Air in Roseville for something for breakfast tomorrow then came home. It was 9 pm by then.

I was going to take a shower first and discovered we didn't have hot water. Gerry had turned off the pilot light to the water heater before we left and forgot he did that. So I had to wait for a while for the water to heat up. I got to reading my email and facebook and never got back to the shower. Anyway, I wanted to do this before I go do that and get myself to bed. I think Gerry has already gone to bed.

Tomorrow we have Melody's birthday party to go to and spend a little time with Katie before she goes back to La Puente with Aunt Wendi.

I'll be going through my pictures and figuring out which ones I want to post. I know that will be a huge undertaking.

Thanks so much for following along with me on the road trip. It had its high points and unfortunately, some low points too. However, it was fun, we saw and visited some neat places. I must say I really miss my daughter, grandkids and son-in-law!!

Well, I'll be back later!!!

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