Wednesday, June 10, 2009

California Bound

We leave Phoenix in the morning and head to So California, LaPuente to be exact. That is where Joyce and Wendi, Gerry's daughters, live. It is about a 6 hour drive so should be there in the afternoon. Tomorrow is Joyce's last day of school. We'll be there until Saturday morning.

It was a nice day here in Phoenix, weatherwise. In the 80's. I ventured off by myself this morning. I got online to see if there were any stamp stores in Phoenix. I found one in Glendale about 12 miles away. So off I went. I had no trouble finding it, however the store is closed. I should have called first. I was up close to where we had dinner Monday night so I drove up there to see if there might be a stamp store up there. There wasn't. So baa humbug, that was not a successful trip. I should have written down the addresses for the Michael's stores. I don't know if there were any in the area where I was.

I also thought I'd look for a Jamba Juice place, I have been craving a smoothie since we left Alabama. I didn't see any of those either. I was only gone for about an hour. After I got back Gerry googled also and found a store over in Scottsdale. That is too far away!!

While we are at Joyce's I want to go to a store called Marukai's. It's a Japanese variety/grocery store. Jalna, my Hawaii blogger friend, first mentioned the one in Hawaii on her blog. I googled that and found out there was one real close to where Joyce lives. It won't be hard to find so I want to do that on Friday if I can. Also while we are there, George (Joyce's husband) wants to go eat sushi. There's a pretty good Japanese restaurant close to where they live. We went to it when we visited them last summer. It is run by Koreans, however, the food was very good.

Jeanne wanted to go to AJ's (a grocery store) so we did that after I got back from my little adventure. It's kind of a speciality store, reminded Gerry and I of Whole Foods in Sacramento. Karie was going to fix hamburgers for dinner so she wanted some good hamburger, not from WalMart. We got some yesterday at WalMart to make the hamburger and mushroom soup. I don't like the meat from there. It doesn't have a good taste, I don't think. Groceries are very expensive at AJ's, our total bill was over a $100. Yikes!! They have a nice deli including a salad bar. I fixed myself a fresh salad and Gerry got some soup since we hadn't eaten lunch yet. I got a raspberry dressing for my salad which was very good.

Well, I better get off and get to sleep. I will try to blog while we are in LaPuente otherwise I will when we get home sometime Saturday.


  1. Ahhh bummahs on your stamp store excursion. Hope you have better luck at Marukai's! I love the Paul Newman raspberry dressing with my strawberry salads.

  2. Oh, well, I guess I wasn't suppose to buy any more stamp stuff, LOL! There's always seeing what's close to my step-daughter's. I haven't tried Paul Newman's dressing yet. I'll have to get some. I like the Red Wine dressing by Wishbone. Yeah, I'm looking forward to checking out Marukai's!!