Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Storm

It is very seldom we have a thunderstorm(s) here in the Sacramento Valley during the summer.  They occur often up in the mountains, during the summer.

Last night and early this morning, we had some.  One of the lightening strikes seemed like it was very close...woke me up.  And it rained really hard too.  It sounded like it could have been hailing too...I didn't get up to see.

The weather forecast is for another very hot day.  Right now there is a soft breeze and it is rather pleasant.  Kinda of overcast too.  It will be interesting to see what the rest of the day turns out to be.

It was miserable yesterday, well over a 100 degrees.


  1. One of my sisters just came back from a trip to the mainland . . . Colorado, Utah, Nevada. Boy, did she come back tanned!

  2. Hope she wasn't close to the Colorado fire...I think it has finally been contained...the paper this morning said that there were over 1,200 lightning strikes from the storm yesterday...most of them were in remote spots of the high Sierras.