Monday, July 16, 2012

What's Going On?

Yesterday we drove up to Grass Valley for lunch.  Gerry had a coupon for Lumberjacks Restaurant.  There are several of them around the area including one about 3 or so miles from us on Madison Avenue.  They are noted for serving large portions.  I had liver and onions off the senior menu and Gerry had a skillet breakfast.  We like to go to places that serve breakfast all day and also have a lunch and dinner menu.  I want dinner for Sunday lunch, Gerry enjoys having breakfast.

Lumberjacks is much like Black Bear Diner that we go to a lot.

The Grass Valley location use to be a Lyons Restaurant.  A sad story about that former Lyons...this happened several years ago.  We had gone up to Nevada City to the campground the Nazarene churches in the Sacramento region use, to attend a Sunday night service.  It was the last night of Family Camp.  After the service we drove into Grass Valley to get something to eat...we went to the then Lyons.  Several other people that had been at the service stopped there too.  The place was packed...because of the lateness of the night, there weren't very many service people working.  They were running their legs off trying to wait on everybody.  And then we hear that one of the cooks cut his hand severely and was rushed to the hospital.  The manager was in the kitchen cooking and trying to help get the orders out.  Unfortunately some of the people got tired of waiting for their food, left, and only paid for their drinks.  Gerry and I had gotten there before the crowd and had our food before all this happened.  I couldn't help thinking about that night so many years ago.

The restaurant doesn't look anything like the old Lyons,  Lumberjacks restaurants all have a timber lodge look.

After we left the restaurant, we drove through the town and then got on Highway 20 which goes to Marysville.  Grass Valley is up in the pine trees.  It doesn't take long on Highway 20 to be out of the pines and into oak trees and DRY hillsides/ fuel for grass fires.

From Marysville, we got on Highway 70 which meets up with Highway 99 and eventually I-5 into Sacramento.  We were on 99 for just a short distance when we saw a Highway Patrol car cross the center of the got in front of us with its lights flashing, slowing traffic down.  We were right behind it and were going 20 mph.  It didn't take long for traffic to pile up behind us.  We turned off on one of the country roads...we could see traffic stopped ahead of us.  Gerry said there was probably an accident ahead of us.  Just before we turned off, the Highway Patrol car went across the center to head back up and slow the traffic down.  I didn't see anything in the paper this morning so no telling what was going on up ahead of us.

It was warm again yesterday.  Today it is breezy and cool.  It is only suppose to get up into the low 80's.  Some rain is expected tomorrow north of Sacramento.

I'm home by myself today...well, that's nothing unusual...I'm by myself most days.  Gerry rented a motorcycle again and he is off with Erik and Jason (sons).  Erik got into town yesterday...he lives in Idaho.  The plan is to ride out to Bodega Bay and back...260 miles or so, round trip.

I've got laundry going and should be sewing.  I started a quilt top and am sewing the squares together.  I bought some fat quarters the other day to make another purse...a larger version of the zippered pouches I've made to use as a clutch purse...or I might put a long strap on it and use it as a cross body purse.  We'll see...


  1. I like breakfast food too. I think I'd pick that before liver and onions. Hahaha! 260 miles sounds very, very far to me. Sounds like you're doing some neat crafting.

  2. That trip turned out to be over 300 miles and he didn't get home until close to 10pm.

    I have some squares left from my quilt top so I pieced some of them together and am making another tote bag...need to go get some fabric for the lining... :)The liver and onions wasn't that exciting...LOL!