Saturday, August 4, 2012

70th Birthday and a Train Ride

I have some catching up to do...

I celebrated my 70th birthday last week Saturday, July 28th.  I don't feel 70 years old and I know I don't look it, yet somehow the years have sped by and here I am...

My mom use to always call me on the 27th and I'd say "Mom, its tomorrow"...and she'd say "well, it was pitch black the morning you were born".  It was a few minutes after midnight and there was a single light bulb hanging was partially covered because of blackouts, no light could be was almost 8 months after Pearl Harbor...I miss those phone calls...

My daughter, Denise Noelani, made me a gorgeous handmade lap size quilt.  The package came a couple of days before my birthday...she sent it Express Mail to be sure I got it before my birthday. :) The colors are fallish...greens, browns, cream, blue and barn red...I love it.  It is beautiful!

This little patch says "Happy 70th Birthday Mom...Made with Love...Denise Noelani, July 2012".

I sobbed when I pulled the quilt out of the packing box.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!  I will treasure this always!!
Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Eggie' is a place we've been to several times.  I had a San Francisco Joes scramble.  I think they call it something else, can't remember...anyway it is 3 eggs scrambled with ground beef, spinach, mushrooms and onions then cheese melted on top...also an English muffin and orange juice.

After we ate, we drove to Roseville to the Galleria Mall.  I wanted to go to Penney's...they weren't open yet so I sat and waited and Gerry did a couple of laps around the upstairs.  I didn't really see anything I really had to have so we walked around some and left.  I don't enjoy shopping much, anymore.

We had parked on the top level and I decided to walk out one of the downstairs exits and wait for Gerry to get the van and come around.  Going to get the car, he passed by Sees and got us some chocolates...a box of soft centers and a box of molasses chips.
We came back home and hung out until about 3:30pm.  We were going on a train ride and decided to have dinner before we went on the ride.  We went to a place called Emma's Taco House.  They don't have a website...the restaurant has been open for a lot of doesn't look like much on the outside, however the food is pretty good.  We were there early so it wasn't crowded...yet.  The servers were putting reserved signs on several tables as we left.

We both had combination places...I forgot to take pictures of our entrees...I had a chicken enchilada and a chicken taco...they both had lots of chicken in them...with beans.  Not sure what Gerry had...they serve a delicious soup and a salad with the meals.  This soup was really had a little bit of heat to it...I was able to eat it though.  They bring the soup out in a separate bowl and you serve yourself from the bowl.  There was some left over so our server put it in a container for us to bring home.
 Nothing special with the was good too.
Emma's is about 5 minutes away from where we needed to catch the train...Sacramento River Train .  Gerry had bought a coupon online...we took the Sunset train which goes to Woodland and back.  They have beer and wine tastings on this particular trip which we got coupons for...didn't use them since we don't drink.  There was also a local BBQ restaurant catering food on the trip...a bar serving drinks...and a small band too.  It was was sold out and I noticed that the August trip is sold out.  We sat in an open car...there were benches w/backs lined up on each side...Gerry stood the whole way.  It leaves West Sacramento at 6pm and returns at 9pm.
 The Sacramento River.

 Corn fields...
Gerry took the next few pictures...the train has arrived in Woodland and the engine is being switched for the return trip.

 There is no guessing when the engine has been hooked up again...there's a huge jolt to the whole train...the ride was ok...not something I'd want to do again.  We've taken other train rides that were much more enjoyable...
 I got a few coupons from different restaurants for a free birthday meal.  We went to Mimi's, the Natomas location for Sunday lunch.  I had the salmon dinner...Gerry had breakfast.  His meal was less than mine so it was free with my coupon.

After we ate, we stopped at Fys''s what I got for my birthday...
 Samsung Galaxy Tab2 tablet...10.1 inch...
I am enjoying it...I downloaded my Kindle application onto it so can read the free Kindle books that I get from Amazon.  I also downloaded a Nook application.  I have a Nook which I use to read library ebooks.  I just purchased a Nook ebook so I need to see if it downloads to the tablet.  I have Mahjong downloaded and a game that Gerry plays called is just like Bejeweled that I play on my PC.  I can do everything on the tablet that I can do on my computer, except print anything.  It will be so nice on trips and won't have to get frustrated trying to read something on my cell phone.

I'm looking forward to see what this new decade of my life holds... :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY!!! I looove your gifts. The quilt is beautiful . . . made me teary too!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Betty! I love train rides. There's only 1 down here in Ewa. How long (time) was the train ride? Hope you're enjoying your galaxy tablet = )

  3. Thank you! The train was a total of 3 hours. It goes about 1 1/2 hours northwest of Sacramento to a town called Woodland and then turns around back to Sacramento. We love train rides too, although this particular one was not all that exciting.

    I am loving my tablet...spend more time on it than I do my computer. :)