Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heat Wave

We finally have some relief from the heat wave that came to visit us earlier this week.  The temperature readings were well over a 100 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It was absolutely miserable.

It cooled down considerably yesterday, into the low 90's.  I didn't turn the A/C on yesterday until about 3:30pm.  It feels like it will be another cooler day today.  The reason for the cooler temps is the Delta Breeze that comes up the Sacramento Delta from the Pacific Ocean.  It is our natural air conditioning and we like it.  I actually closed our bedroom windows last night and slept with a blanket over me.  Sleeping is so much nicer when it is not so hot.

There is a fire burning in Foresthill which is above Auburn in Placer County.  According to the news people that live in the area of the fire were evacuated.  The paper this morning said smoke from the fire was covering the valley.  I haven't noticed the smoke here in our area.

It is a typical summer here in the Sacramento area...high temps and fires...


  1. Hey, it DID cool down . . . just as predicted! It was hot here yesterday too, but after hearing of YOUR heat wave, I'm not complaining. At least we got trades.

  2. It is in the 90's today...according to the paper this morning, it should be in the 80's the first part of this week...low pressure over the Pacific...our Delta breeze is much like the trades back home... :)