Monday, March 7, 2011

Wild Turkeys in our MH Park

A little bit ago, I was at the stove browning a pot roast for dinner. I looked out the kitchen window and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I grabbed my camera real quick and went out the sliding door. There was a turkey going past our carport. I was going to get a picture as it walked by and only got its tail feathers. They move so quickly! So I walked out to the street and here it is in front of our mobile. There was another one that was going into the carport of the mobile next door.
In the carport next door. That dead rose bush is in the way. :)
Here's the two of them by the shed. They are dark in color and it is a gloomy afternoon so it was hard to see them. They walked around the back of the shed.
After I came back in, our neighbor that lives across from us on the carport side was outside. I called to him and he said there were several feeding in the yard of a mobile a couple of spaces down from us. So I grabbed my camera again and walked down there. Here's 3 of them.
There is actually 9 of them...they are hard to see.
I got pretty close to this one.
It starts to walk away.
Bob, our neighbor, said they have been in the park most of the afternoon. Gerry sees a lot of them down on the bike trail, which is along the American River. I use to see some in a housing area close by the American River on my way home from work. There's really no open areas between us and the river so wonder where they came from. We also live quite a ways from the river.
Quite a nice sight to see, certainly not something to be expected. We have squirrels in the park and we see them around the mobiles where our space is located.


  1. what the heck??!! That's so funny!

  2. I know, huh...Les. LOL!! We were being invaded by wild turkeys!!

  3. What da . . .?? Sooo funny!!!

  4. Evidently the wild turkeys are showing up in other neighborhoods. A friend of ours said they've got about 20 that have been roaming around their neighborhood. Another friend said a couple of the turkeys stopped traffic on a busy street while they crossed the street.