Sunday, March 13, 2011


The day started looking very gloomy. The sun came out for a little bit this afternoon and then it started raining, as predicted.

Remember I mentioned how we like to cut out coupons for restaurants around town...Gerry had cut one out for Chevy's. It was buy one entree at regular price and the second entree was $3.99. So today we drove out to Chevy's by the river. We've been to that particular one a few times. It was crowded and we ended up sitting at a small booth in a corner in the bar area. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to manage it, with short legs it is somewhat difficult to sit at anything that is high. Anyway, I managed it. We both had combination meals...I had a cheese enchilada with green tomatilo sauce and a soft carnitas taco. Gerry picked 3 items...a chile rellano, flautas and I don't remember what the other one was. We were stuffed.

After we left there we drove down the Garden Highway which turns into Arden Way. We decided to stop at Arden Fair and go for a walk. We have not been there in quite a while. The traffic moving through the mall area is always crazy. Surprisely enough we found a parking space close to one of the back entrances to the mall. The mall was packed too. We walked down one side on the bottom floor then walked back on one side of the 2nd floor. We stopped at one of the sporting goods stores and Gerry bought a couple of University of Texas tee shirts. The son of a dear friend of ours is a freshman there this year.

After we got home we sat at the breakfast bar, he at his laptop and me reading the paper. I checked my email off of my phone. I am getting more comfortable in figuring out how to do things on my phone.

I was looking over his shoulder as he read his FB posts and noticed one of his Bike Journal friends mentioning that she had been looking at digi stamps all afternoon. So I said to him "ask her if she is a stamper". He turned the laptop around so I could leave a comment. We commented back and forth and then he told me to go "friend" her. When I went over to my FB, she had already "friended" me. I'm not sure where she lives now...Gerry did tell me she was teaching school overseas for awhile, however is back in the states now.

I just cooked a little bit of hungry all of a sudden so I am going to have some of the leftover Kalua pork I fixed on Friday. It is kind of late to be eating anything heavy...oh well.

It sure seemed a little strange for it to be lighter later than usual. The time change always takes a little bit of adjusting to it.

Don't know when I'll get my laptop back. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow about what is wrong with it.


  1. Betty you so "with it" . . . hanging out on Facebook, checking your e-mail with your phone . . . very impressive. You know, I'm so old fashioned, I don't even have a debit card!

  2. Hahahaha!! You have no idea of the frustration trying to figure out how to use my new phone!!! With my laptop being down, I've kinda been forced to figure out how to use all the functions on my phone. I have a Windows 7 phone. As far as a debit card is concerned, I use mine all the time...very seldom have much cash on more than $20 at any given time. I have friends that don't use debit cards. hahahaha!!

  3. Hello, my new friend, Betty. I was in Taiwan, but am now in Nebraska.

  4. Hi Brenda...thanks for dropping in. I remembered that Gerry had told me you had taught in Taipei for several years. I couldn't remember where he said you were now living.

    I just took a peek at your blog and "followed" it. :) You should keep it up...blogging is a lot of fun. Three of the blogs I have listed on my side bar, I met the bloggers online...and we've become "cyberfriends". Its so fun!!