Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Computer?

Gerry got a phone call from the computer repair shop where we took the laptop last Friday. It seems the motherboard is the problem...so it appears a new computer needs to be purchased. I forgot to ask him about all my stuff that is on my laptop. Not real happy!!

He left to go to Sam's...he ordered new tires for the Nissan and they are in. He asked me if I wanted to go look at computers. It is raining and I didn't want to go out in it.

It has been raining since Sunday afternoon. There's been some breaks...yesterday afternoon it was clear. However, today it has been pretty steady. Supposedly rain is expected most of the week.

Being without a computer has been a sorta good thing...I've been doing some cleaning in my craft room/office...going through stacks of card samples I printed off the computer and magazines where I've tagged recipes. I threw out the magazines...I've got so many recipes that I'll never try them all in my remaining lifetime. Slowly I am beginning to see the top of my lateral file cabinet.

Back to my cleaning...


  1. Ai, I hope you can recover the stuff from your computer. I hate it that a computer has such a short lifespan.

  2. I know...they cost so much then don't last long. I bought the laptop after I retired so it is not even 4 years old.