Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Prize Box

Yesterday I received my prize box from Jalna, my Hawaii blogger friend. Here's what was in the box: 2 boxes of the Meyer Lemon cake mix
A package of these Nori Maki tidbits. When I was growing up we ate this kind of stuff like candy. They are Japanese crackers with a piece of Nori (seaweed) wrapped around them. So YUM!
A bag of baked wheat crackers. I have put a large dent in this bag; I have it sitting by my computer. I love these!!
On the back of this bag it says "Sweet Pop Corn". I'm not sure if it is a cereal or actual pop corn. Jalna, tell me.
This bag contains individual packets of dried plums. I had one last night. They are good...salty.
Instant Miso soup. Jalna, what do I do to fix it. Translate please.
A waffle patterned rather large cloth. Jalna, is there a particular use for this?
And lastly, a tube of this awesome lotion. Jalna got some and used it on her hands. She took a picture of how smooth her hands looked and they did. Also, her husband used it on his feet. I commented about Gold Bond products being very good. So she included a tube of the lotion. I have it by my computer and have been using it on the dry skin on the top portion of my hands. In the winter time they get really dry and I am constantly moisturizing them.
Thank you so much, Jalna!!! I know I am going to enjoy all of these goodies.


  1. yaaay Congratulations Betty! You're gonna love all the goodies! I keep stealing um from Jalna's desk...

  2. Yay, you got it! Glad you're enjoying the treats. I think the "Pop corn" is a snack. Not sure though, never had it. It was on sale so I grabbed it. The miso soup should have packets to make 3 servings. I usually add it to about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water and then microwave. I thought that cloth thing was the kine you use to wipe your kitchen table with, but when I just opened up mine right now, it looks too big for that. I just e-mailed Kat from Japan to see if she can read the writing on the package. I'll let you know.

  3. Hey Les...thanks! It sure is hard to leave all of this alone. LOL!

    Hey jalna...I'm gonna try the "Pop corn" next. I've just about wiped out the bag of the wheat crackers. hahahaha!! Oh yeah, thanks for asking Kat about the cloth. I emailed you about it. I'm going to ask Kazumi at the Japanese restaurant where I eat every week. Thank you again!!!