Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Country Waffles for Breakfast

Either Gerry or I will cut out coupons for different restaurants around town. Recently he cut out a coupon for Country Waffles located in Citrus Heights. This is one of the places his bike club goes to quite often. The coupon was for buy 1 entree and get 1 free and 2 beverages had to be purchased.

I didn't feel like my usual muffin and orange juice for breakfast so asked if we could use the coupon he had cut out. I enjoy eating breakfast out on a weekday or Saturday morning. Gerry enjoys breakfast at any time. Occasionally I will agree to breakfast on Sundays. I prefer Sunday dinner (we usually go out after church).

Gerry ordered a Portuguese sausage omelet which was chuck full of sausage, bell peppers, olives and onions (that I could see). There might have been other stuff in it. There was a choice of country potatoes or hash browns. He always gets country potatoes with breakfast, however, he told the waitress hashbrowns. After she left I asked why he ordered hashbrowns instead of potatoes. She came back to bring my orange juice and more coffee and so he changed it. He also got 2 nice size biscuits with it. It was a huge breakfast.

I got Swedish Fruit rollups which were 2 crepes with a choice of apples, strawberries or blueberries. I got apples. It had a nice dollop of whipped cream on top and also 2 eggs and either sausage or bacon. I got sausage and my eggs scrambled. I love crepes and these were very good...not burned anywhere and just a little crispy on the edges. Of course, I didn't take my camera...I could have used my phone...didn't think of it. :( My breakfast was huge too. I did finish it. :) It is after 2pm and I'm not hungry for any "lunch".

The building that Country Waffles is in has been there for a lot of years. It originally was called Perko's and when Stephen (my son-in-law) was in high school he worked there. Its close to the neighborhood where we lived when Denise was in high school.


  1. I'm sooo hungry right now, this post is killing me . . . thank God you don't have any pictures.

  2. hahahaha!! I know...I'd be getting stuffed all over again if there were pictures to look at. The food was good...will be watching for another coupon.