Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Weather Day

Starting yesterday afternoon and through this morning, we experienced some very heavy rain. I woke up this morning about 3am and it was quiet...the rain had stopped for a little bit...however it started up again. Then about noon the sun was out and it was quite pleasant although cold.

I drove out to Rocklin this afternoon to go to Green Tangerines Scapbook store. I've always been fascinated with the formations that clouds make. On the way home I noticed that the sky was so very blue with lots of puffy clouds. Then half way across the sky, in the area I could see, there was a very distinct line of blue sky and white clouds with very dark clouds. I wished I had my camera with me because it was beautiful. The dark clouds got darker towards the east. As soon as I got home I got my camera and went outside to get some pictures. It was hard to get some good pictures.

This is looking towards the east. Little did I know that these dark clouds were causing a horrendous thunderstorm over neighborhoods towards the east...hail included. These same clouds produced a tornado that touched down in an area northeast of Mather Field (a former Air Force air field) which is off of Highway 50.
This is looking south...beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds.
While I was outside, I took a couple of pictures of our tree in the front all blossomed out. Surprisely enough with all the rain and wind we had, the flowers are still on the tree. There are bits of green popping out so the flowers will be gone soon and the tree will be leafed out. Spring is not too far away. Yay!!


  1. Neat cloud shots. Looks like it was a beautiful day.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, in spite of the nasty weather around us, it did turn out to be a nice day. Its pretty cold outside now...10:17pm...suppose to get down to freezing tonight. Brrrr!!