Monday, February 21, 2011

I Won!!!

I'm so excited!!! My Hawaii blogger friend, Jalna, had a prize giveaway on her blog last week. So I left a comment on her blog so she could enter my name. She was going to have her husband do the drawing this morning. When she was ready to do it, he was still asleep so she made a few noises until he woke up.

And guess what...he pulled my name!!! She was surprised it was me!!! I took a short break this afternoon from putting card kits together and checked my blog. I saw that she had put a new post on her blog about the prize giveaway so I checked it out. I couldn't believe what I saw. She had taken pictures of her husband getting a folded up piece of paper out of a container. So, so cool.

So check this out...

I forgot to show you what I got...


  1. Congratulations Betty! I think I'm more excited that you're getting the Marukai treats than the cake mixes, although the lemon cake is REALLY ONO!

  2. So perfect to send "some local kine grindz" a bit of aloha to your home, AND Meyer Lemon Cake as welllll ;o}

  3. I know, jalna...I am, honestly, really excited about the Marukai treats. The lemon cake mix is a super bonus. hahahaha!! I woke up this morning thinking about all of this. Thank you so much!!

    Thanks Dd! I look forward to some goodies from "home". I do get so homesick seeing the food stuff jalna posts! :)