Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Covered Mountains

On the way home from the grocery store earlier I had a beautiful view of the snow covered mountains. They sure are pretty. We have sunshine here in the valley with temperatures in the 60's. This will be short lived as rain is predicted for later this week.

Oh well, we can enjoy it while it lasts.

I got a new cookbook. It is called "Homecoming" by Gloria Gaither. The recipes are from different members of the Homecoming group led by Bill Gaither. Bill & Gloria are recording artists, their music is called Southern Gospel. We love their music. Anyway, while Gerry was gone I received an email announcing this cookbook. They are only available in Cracker Barrel restaurants. We don't have any of these restaurants in California. There is one in Boise, Idaho and so I asked Gerry if he would go by, if he could, and get me a copy. He did make a special trip to get me a copy when he took some of the ski trip group to the airport in Boise. I've read through the whole thing and marked a lot of the recipes.

Tonight I am going to make a broccoli cheese casserole, a recipe that is in the book. I'll take pictures and post later. I'm going to pan fry some pork chops to go with it.

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