Thursday, February 24, 2011

Savory Hamburger Vegetable Soup

A few weeks ago I made a double batch of this soup. We ate it one night and then I froze the rest of it. Since today is a cold, rainy day I thought the soup would be great for dinner. I took it out of the freezer this morning. After I got home from doing some errands, I decided to put it in a pot, with a low fire, and let it thaw and warm up. I was really surprised that the vegetables didn't get all mushy after it was thawed and warmed up. The taste was still very good. I made some cornbread and we had it for dinner with the soup.

I think I am going to make another double batch and freeze it. This soup is so easy to make and it tastes so good.

I want to try some other recipes out of my new cookbook too. Most of the recipes in the cookbook were handed down from grandmothers, aunts and other family members of the singers that make up the Homecoming group. Every recipe has a story that goes with it...the stories are fun to read. I actually read the cookbook from cover to cover. :)

Well, we are going to have an interesting couple of days with the latest winter storm. The weather people are saying snow may be as low as a 1000 ft. If any "falls" here it will just be a dusting. We are suppose to have lows between 27 deg to 31 deg. One weather service said 27 deg with highs in the 40's. Too, too cold!!