Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weather - Looking at a New Phone

Our weather is so yucky. The mornings have been cloudy and then some sun in the afternoons. Today was cloudy all day...there's probably some fog out there now. The temperature was in the 50's so not too bad. Tomorrow should have some sun. Sure hope so. I think it was this past Tuesday night that we had some rain; it didn't last very long.

I've been looking at new phones to upgrade the one I have now. Gerry got a new one this past week. He's had to go into the AT&T store to get things fixed, besides talking to customer service and his son. Hopefully now his phone will work. We looked at some phones in the store today and I spent quite a bit of time online looking at different ones. It gets rather confusing after a while. I found a couple that might work for me. I want to look at them in the store and compare.

Think I'll go watch some TV before going to bed.

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