Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family News

I'm a great grandmother!

One night, a couple of weeks ago, Denise called. It is unusual for her to call at night; she usually calls during the day. She had some news to share...her son Nathanael had called her to say that he and Megan were going to have a baby. Denise told me not to say anything on Facebook or my blog. The pregnancy hadn't been confirmed yet and Nathan didn't want anything said as yet.

Then I called Stephen (my son-in-law) one day a week or so ago to ask him if he knew anything about the new Window cell phones. We chatted for a few minutes and then I asked how Nathan was doing. Stephen told me Megan had been to the doctor and the pregnancy was confirmed. Her due date is sometime in September so the pregnancy is very new.

This past week Nathan put on his FB status that he was going to be a daddy and changed his profile picture to a picture of the ultrasound that was done.

I'm excited that my 1st great grandchild will be born this year, however I must say it does not seem possible. I can still remember the first time I saw Nathanael in person. He was about 9 months old. It was at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. I had walked through the doors of the customs baggage area and there stood Denise and Stephen with Denise holding Nathanael. He came right to me when I put my arms out to him and had the biggest smile on his face. There was no crying or anything. And he's been "my baby boy" ever since. And now he is going to be a daddy. How time flies!


  1. WOW!! Congrats! Can't believe GREAT grandma,and can't believe Denise is gonna be a grandma!

  2. Thanks, jalna!! I know...that's what's so mind daughter being a grandmother. She said on Facebook that she was joining the 37% of people who are grandparents in their 40's. :) I was in my 40's when I became a grandmother. :)