Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here's a quick post before I head to bed.

Today was a combination of some sun and clouds. I don't think it warmed up much either. Supposedly the weather is changing for a couple of days this week with rain in the forecast and more snow in the mountains.

I saw on the internet the southeast has had some horrible storms going through with several tornadoes. There was some damage in Alabama. I meant to call Denise...I think she would have maybe called me if there was anything to tell me.

I didn't get all my laundry done yesterday so I finished that up this morning then went and got some groceries. Before I left for the grocery store, I looked through some of the food blogs I follow and found a couple of recipes I thought sounded interesting. I got the ingredients to make them. One is called "Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake" and the other is called "Bacony Chicken & Rice Bake". I'm not going to use chicken in the three cheese bake. The three cheeses it calls for are ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese plus sour cream and alfredo sauce. It is going to be really rich. Anyway I'll let you all know how they are when I make them.

One of the meals I really enjoy making is swiss steak. The Bel Air market where I shop hasn't been offering round steaks in the meat section for sometime now. Anyway, today they had several packages so I got one. I should have gotten two packages. I'm going to make that for dinner tomorrow night.

Gerry had a welcome home PGR mission at the airport tonight. I had intended to make the swiss steak tonight and then I decided to go with him. After the mission was over several of the PGR folks were going over to IHOP to eat so we went along. It is always so frustrating when we go to one...they are usually short staffed which results in bad service. Tonight there were 2 waitresses working. The one we went to is rather large with two separate dining rooms. They had people seated in both sections instead of having everyone in the larger of the two sections. It took quite a while to get our drinks and then quite a while for our waitress to come back and take our orders. Then we had to go up to cashier register to get our tickets. There was 10 of us. Our ticket was separate; she had written everyone else's orders on one ticket so then she had to run them separately. Of course, none of the other 8 had mentioned that they wanted separate checks.

The mission was to welcome home one soldier, however, there were several other soldiers on the same flight so they all walked through the flag line. I heard one of the passengers say to one of the PGR guys that when the plane landed an announcement was made about the soldiers being on board. The passengers were asked to remain seated until the soldiers walked off. The passenger said everyone clapped when the soldiers stood up. So awesome!!

I got over half of my Christmas cards in envelopes with address labels on. I'll finish up the rest tomorrow. I forgot I have a Shoebox swap this Saturday. We are also doing a cookie exchange. So before Saturday I've got to get card kits put together. There's 7 of us going so it won't take too long to get the kits put together. Just hope my idea goes together quickly. :)


  1. The two recipes sound good! Looking forward to hearing about um!

  2. Yeah, they sound good so I hope they taste good as well. :)