Sunday, November 28, 2010


The rain went away and we had sunshine today with temperatures in the 40's. The paper this morning said more rain is expected about Wednesday. It also mentioned that December will be a wet month for Central and Northern California. Oh, great!

We drove up to Grass Valley after church to go to the craft fair at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. It is always held Thanksgiving weekend and we use to go every year. It has been a few years since we've been up there. I was very surprised to see that there were not a lot of people there. In years past it has always been wall to wall people. The crafters were not very exciting either...amazingly enough the only thing we bought was a bag of kettle corn.

Gerry dropped me off by the entrance and I forgot to get my heavy jacket, gloves and scarf out of the back seat. I had on a fleece jacket over my long sleeved knit top and cordoroy slacks. I did ask him to go back to the van and get my scarf and gloves. I was a little cold yet comfortable. The sun felt good when we were out in it walking to another building.

The fairgrounds is really nice. It is set among the pine trees and has a lot of grassy areas. There's five buildings that the crafters are located in and they are spread out over the fairgrounds.

We left there and drove through Grass Valley to find somewhere to eat. We ended up going to Paulette's which is on the north side of the town off of Highway 49. It was 2:40 pm and we weren't sure if they would still be open. Thankfully they were, they closed at 3 pm. The building that Paulette's is located in use to be a bank. It is nothing special...the food is very good. Gerry had breakfast and I had a sandwich. Then we drove over to Ben Franklin Crafts which is a couple of blocks away. It is like a Michael's, only bigger. I wanted to see what they had in stamps. I need something for my stamp group's swap next Saturday. The theme is Valentines. I didn't find anything exciting.

Leaving there we took Highway 174 which is the Colfax/Grass Valley Highway. It is a beautiful drive. There was snow on the side of the roadway and in the open fields. The temperature gauge in the van got down to 38 degrees. The highway comes out on I-80. We stayed on 80 until we got past Auburn and then got off and took Taylor Road into Roseville. We got back on the freeway for just a very short distance and then got off again. The traffic was backed up by then with people heading west from the mountains. A few vehicles had snow on their rooftops.

Gerry is watching football now and I think I'm going to go look at the Sunday paper ads. I got the Christmas letter written last night so tomorrow I'll go get copies made and hopefully finish the addressing of the cards. I did some last night. The goal was to get them done and in the mail by the first week of December. I do believe that is going to happen...and Denise was questioning whether I'd accomplish it...:-)


  1. Five buildings of crafters and you bought a bag of kettle corn? Hahahaha. That's pretty bad.

  2. Hahahaha!!! I know, pretty bad, huh. Like I said...the crafters were not very exciting...:)