Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cold, Wet, Rainy Saturday

It is a yucky day...cold, wet and rainy. We have been experiencing some really cold weather, getting down into the 20's at night. There's lots of snow in the mountains and the ski resorts were able to open before Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, after Gerry got in from his ride, we went down to the Scottish Rite Hall to a Holiday Arts and Craft Show. It was put on by the Crocker Art Museum so it was really nice, high end crafts. Something I've noticed, in going to craft fairs the last few weeks, jewelry seems to be the "in-thing". There were several jewelry craftspeople with beautiful pieces. There was one vendor who makes things out of vintage silverware. I bought two coin pendants...they are dimes, one from 1939 the year Gerry was born and one from 1942 the year I was born.

In the morning I drove out to Green Tangerines, a scrapbook store in Rocklin. They had closed up earlier this year and re-opened a couple of months ago. The store is even better than it was. I love to go out there to find designer scrap paper to use on my cards. They also have an excellent assortment of colored card stock. I got some paper to use on a couple of card swaps I'm participating in that are due in January.

I drove by the Roseville Galleria on the way to Green Tangerines and I was surprised that the traffic around the mall was not backed up. The parking lots were full including an overflow lot about a block away from the mall. The paper this morning said business was very good at the mall yesterday. There was a horrible fire at the mall in October. A young man walked into a Gamestop store, told the store manager to leave because he was going to set the store on fire. He was carrying a backpack that supposedly had explosives in it. I don't think that was ever found because the roof collapsed where the fire was started. The night before he had set a fire in one of the Walmarts in our area.

He was apprehended and is in jail charged with several counts. His attorney has filed an insanity plea so he is being evaluated to see if he is able to stand trial or not.

The stores have slowly re-opened and a few opened yesterday for the first time since the fire. Stores around the Gamestop store will not open for several more months.

We had leftovers for dinner and once again stuffed ourselves. Everything was just as good the second time around. :)

This morning the PGR participated in a toy run in Roseville. I was going to go with Gerry...I decided getting up and going out in the cold and rain was not very exciting. The event was suppose to go until 1:30 pm. However, Gerry was home by 10:30am. He went out again to go over to Harbor Freight.

Every Thanksgiving weekend there is a huge craft show in Grass Valley at the fairgrounds. We've gone several times. I want to go up there...not excited to do in this weather. So after church tomorrow we'll probably drive up. It is suppose to be sunshine tomorrow. There may be some snow up there...the roads will be clear though.

So, guess I will work on addressing Christmas cards. My cards have been done for a week now. I still need to do a Christmas letter. I'm doing some laundry too.

Gerry just told me a good friend of ours passed away yesterday. So sad!

Stay safe if you are out doing shopping. Oh, before I in the paper this morning that a Walmart in the south part of Sacramento had to evacuated early yesterday morning. Seems around 5 am, shoppers became "unruly" in the electronics section. Sacramento County sheriff deputies evacuated the store and then people were given arm bands to re-enter the store in small groups. One of the reasons I don't participate in Black Friday shopping. :)


  1. "Green Tangerines", what a neat name! I need to get back into card making, my cardstock is getting all faded. That arsonist for sure must be insane. Good thing no one got hurt. Talk about insane . . . unruly shoppers cause an evacuation? That's insane.

  2. I know, jalna...when GT first opened I thought what a strange name. :) Love that store!! You should get back into card making. As you know, I love it. hahahaha!! Yeah, that aronist probably won't stand trial. So sad, he alone caused people to be without work, stores to lose business and the economy to suffer more. So crazy. I laughed when I read the article about the Walmart being evacuated.