Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hau'oli La Ho'omakika'i!

Happy Thanksgiving every one. I hope it was a great day and everyone ate to their heart's content.

I fixed dinner for Gerry and I which is usually what I do each year. I've fixed a turkey once or twice for us, however, it is next to impossible to find a small one so I do cornish game hens. I was going to do the same thing this year then found a small hickory smoked ham (1/4 of a whole ham). It took about an hour to warm it up and it was very good.

I also fixed some scalloped potatoes, fresh steamed green beans and the "have to have" fruit salad, cranberry sauce (whole berries) for Gerry, cranberry relish for me and for dessert pumpkin pie cake. I forgot to take pictures. :) It was all very good and I am still stuffed even though dinner was several hours ago.

Our weather has been very wintery. Cold, cold temperatures at night and in the morning. Gerry was going to join his bicycle club early this morning to be road guards for the annual "Run to Feed the Hungry" in Sacramento. He got up to get ready and then got right back in bed. It was suppose to have gotten down to below freezing last night. Rain is expected for the weekend. NorCal PGR has a toy run on Saturday and he is planning to participate. It should be "fun" in the rain.

Are any of you planning to be up at the crack of dawn to hit the stores? The paper this morning was thick with ads. Doing "Black Friday" is not something I am even interested in. I don't like crowds and I am not about to get in the midst of "crazy" people tomorrow. LOL!!

I think I am going to head for bed. It is a minute to 10pm. I wanted to head that way at 8:30pm and decided that was too early. :)


  1. Hoooo hoooo . . . a post!!! Hahahaha!! Sounds like you had a yummy Thanksgiving! Making me hungry again. I loved the cold weather we experienced on our trip. I miss it. I gotta work tomorrow so no "Black Friday" for me, but I think you already know that I wouldn't participate anyway. Good night Betty . . . or maybe good morning!

  2. Hahahaha!! I know, I am so lazy about posting. I was getting ready to turn off my laptop and decided I'd do a quick post. :)) I'm sorry you have to work today. Yup, I won't be anywhere near the madness of shoppers either. Hope your Thanksgiving was great.