Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Triple Digits

We have had a really nice summer with a mixture of high temps and low temps. Last Saturday I don't think it reached 80 degrees. It was cool, breezy and cloudy. The weather service said there was a high pressure pushing into the area and we'd be experiencing some triple digits. They also said Tuesday would probably be the hottest.

Well, probably won't know what the official temperature was for today until tomorrow. I left the house about 11am to go to WalMart and then Bel Air (the grocery store I shop at) and it was about 81 degrees according to the temp reading in the van. By the time I left Bel Air at about 12:20pm, it was up in the 90's. I had to make several trips into the house with my purchases and was about to "melt" by the time I got done...about 10 minutes to do it.

After I had been home for a while, I looked at the temperature gauge we have outside and it said "110". Oh, my goodness! That is totally unreal. The temperature gauge is on the side of our shed that is covered by the roof of the carport. It is out of the sun, however there is no way of knowing just how accurate the gauge is really.

I looked at it a little after 6 and it was 103 and then down to under 100 when I was cleaning up in the kitchen. This is suppose to be a short lived heat wave...its suppose to be cool again by the weekend. Usually August in the Sacramento Valley is unbearable, so we've been very fortunate with the weather we've had this summer.

Made more progress on the craft closet today so that's a good thing. Hope you were able to be cool in your "neck of the woods". :)


  1. The official reading was 104, its taken downtown somewhere. At 9am this morning it is already 80 deg. Another warm one for today. However...by Saturday the high will be 80 degrees. The cooling is suppose to start tomorrow. Crazy, huh!!