Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Day on Saturday

I had a fun day yesterday, Saturday. My stamp group had a Shoebox Card Swap. There were 8 ladies, the regulars. We made some awesome cards. I need to take pictures and then will have them up on my card blog.

Instead of having the swap at someone's home with a potluck lunch, we met at a Round Table Pizza Parlour over in Fair Oaks. My oldest step-daughter has her girls' birthday parties there. They actually have 2 party sections...we were going to use the bigger of the two then decided since there were 8 of us, we'd use the smaller area. It was quite nice. We had lots of room to spread out. Some of us had lunch there too which is probably what Round Table would like to have people do if they are using their space for a function. The lady that was hosting had to leave to go to her niece's birthday party. She was going to come back so 4 of us sat around and gabbed until she came back. We had the area until 3pm and it was about 2:30pm when we left.

We are probably going to have our swaps there at that Round Table. Although one of the ladies suggested having one at a Round Table in Elk Grove then we could go shopping at Stampers Corner, a stamp store, afterwards. So we'll consider that. We'd like to keep our group small although we have about 30 or so ladies on our contact list. And we've had some inquiries about joining.

Gerry went to men's breakfast in the morning then after I left, he went out for a ride. After he got home and he rested for awhile, we drove down to the Food Festival at the Sacramento Buddist Church in Sacramento. They are holding their annual festival this weekend; they've been doing this for 64 years. We hadn't been for several years. One of my friends always works the festival and she mentioned it a week or so ago. So I wanted to go. I thought if we went in the early evening it wouldn't be too bad. Oh mercy, was I ever wrong. It was crowded, the food lines were so long and the parking was horrendous. It took us a few minutes to find seats and then Gerry went to stand in line. He got us some teriyaki beef sticks, chow mein, rice, sliced cucumbers and the chopped up cabbage. I can't think of what those are bad. The line for tempura and teriyaki chicken were so long and he didn't want to stand in them. It was fine...we had plenty to eat. After we ate, we got some bottled water from the hot dog stand and left. I'm surprised at myself that I stayed that long, my claustrophia can really get the best of me sometimes. I just cannot stand crowds and feelings of being trapped. Gerry is claustrophic too, however he handles it better than me in some situations. Gerry told me there was a lady standing in front of him that passed out. The friends that were with her helped get her up and took her to first aid.

The weather had turned cool so that was a good thing. It would have been worse during the day, I think.


  1. Wow, busy day. I was pooped after your card swap. Then "we" went to the Food Festival! I usually don't have enough energy to do two outings in one day, but if the second outing involves food like yours did, I might be persuaded. Too bad it was so crowded. Food sounded good though.

  2. I had a couple of hours to rest before we went downtown. I couldn't have made it if I hadn't rested. The aroma of the food cooking can be smelt blocks before the church. The chicken is outstanding...too bad the lines were so long. What we had was ONO!